About Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour
    Edge of your seat action
    A dynamic showcase that brings together emerging skill and established prowess, creating an electrifying fusion of raw talent and seasoned greatness.
    Get ready for an adrenaline-charged spectacle that'll have you at the edge of your seat! Experience the thrill as rising stars, budding talents, and legendary riders face off against incredible animal athletes in a heart-pounding whirlwind of pure excitement. It's a relentless showcase of raw skill, courage, and sheer determination that'll leave you breathless!
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    See the Stars
    Embark on a journey from rising sensations to the pinnacle of greatness! Witness where the tales of triumph begin and legends forge their path. All sharing a singular pursuit: the pursuit of Championship Gold. Brace yourself for a saga of ambition, grit, and unparalleled dedication that defines the pursuit of greatness!
    Unforgettable moments
    Each ride promises an opportunity for an unforgettable moment! Brace yourself for record-breaking rides that shatter barriers and witness the birth of legends. With every event, prepare for an adrenaline-fueled showcase, where the air crackles with excitement.
    Valuable Points
    Beyond the thrill and glory woven into every electrifying 8-second ride, lie the invaluable points crucial for securing a spot in the coveted Unleash The Beast tour and, ultimately, the prestigious PBR World Finals. Each heart-stopping ride paints a picture of determination and valor, where every second is a brushstroke towards the breathtaking canvas of championship dreams.
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    Results and standings from past and live events at your fingertips.
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    Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour

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