Try, try again for Mauney

J.B. Mauney puts up 86.5 points on Old Soul to take the lead in Washington. Photo by Andy Watson /


  • J.B. Mauney won Round 1 in Tacoma, Wash., with 86.5 points on Old Soul.
  • Watch the conclusion from Washington on CBS Sports Network Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

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TACOMA, Wash. ― After two rough attempts to get on his opening-round bull, an alleged slap and a challenge, J.B. Mauney eventually received an 86.50-point score aboard Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.'s Old Soul to capture Round 1 of the Tacoma Invitational Saturday night at Tacoma Dome.

Still on the mend from a fractured fibula suffered in Anaheim, Calif., just four weeks ago, Mauney reached down deep and pulled out enough to pass Aaron Roy and Mike Lee, who tied for second in the round with 85.75 points.

Mauney found it hard to get settled on Old Soul, who smashed Mauney's injured leg against the chute panel, preventing him from securing a seat. But after a second attempt, he pressed on, determined to nod his head.

"It makes me mad," Mauney said. "If I don't get out in one, I don't feel like I'm being a cowboy. I don't like taking time in the chute. I'm probably one of the fastest guys in and out of there. But when they get to mashing on you like that, your legs get sore and you get worn down.

"That's why I don't like spending that much time getting in and out of there. When they rolled him into the next chute, I was going to take him no matter how he was standing. It didn't matter. I was going to nod my head."

"If I don't get out in one, I don't feel like I'm being a cowboy."

The North Carolina cowboy made the whistle only to discover that the judges had stopped the clock at 5.04 seconds, as Mauney was called for a slap.

Mauney challenged the call, which was eventually overturned, and the qualified ride propelled him to the lead.

Mauney's brother-in-law and top-ranked rider, Shane Proctor, made the final opening-round ride, attempting Katich/Beksinski's Vetex's Get Smacked, but was tossed to the dirt in less than 8 seconds. Just minutes earlier, world No. 2 Silvano Alves registered a 71-point qualified ride on Diamond G Rodeos, Inc.'s War Chest and elected to forego the reride option, keeping the score.

As the Dickies Iron Cowboy IV winner, Austin Meier was eligible to take a ride on bonus bull Chocolate Thunder (Bird Bucking Bulls) for double the Built Ford Tough Series points and $3,000. Meier's bonus ride ended as his first-round ride did ― he bucked off before the 8-second whistle. The $3,000 is rolled over to the Monster Energy Money Bull bonus, which now stands at $66,000.

Round 2 and the Built Ford Tough Championship Round of the Tacoma Invitational takes place Sunday at 2 p.m. PT. It will air on CBS Sports Network at 8 p.m. ET.

Professional Bull Rider Built Ford Tough Series
Tacoma Invitational
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Wash.

Round 1
1. J.B. Mauney, 86.5-86.50 points.
2. Aaron Roy, 85.75-85.75 points.
(tie) Mike Lee, 85.75-85.75 points.
4. Ryan Dirteater, 85.5-85.50 points.
(tie) Sean Willingham, 85.5-85.50 points.
6. Kody Lostroh, 85.25-85.25 points.
7. Eduardo Aparecido, 85-85.00 points.
(tie) Renato Nunes, 85-85.00 points.
9. Matt Triplett, 84.25-84.25 points.
(tie) Valdiron de Oliveira, 84.25-84.25 points.
11. Fabiano Vieira, 82.75-82.75 points.
12. Josh Faircloth, 82.25-82.25 points.
13. Marco Eguchi, 81.5-81.50 points.
14. Emilio Resende, 80.25-80.25 points.
15. Silvano Alves, 71-71.00 points.
Agnaldo Cardozo, 0-0.00 points.
Austin Meier, 0-0.00 points.
Ben Jones, 0-0.00 points.
Brendon Clark, 0-0.00 points.
Chase Outlaw, 0-0.00 points.
Cody Nance, 0-0.00 points.
Douglas Duncan, 0-0.00 points.
Edevaldo Ferreira, 0-0.00 points.
Guilherme Marchi, 0-0.00 points.
Joao Ricardo Vieira, 0-0.00 points.
Jordan Hupp, 0-0.00 points.
Jory Markiss, 0-0.00 points.
L.J. Jenkins, 0-0.00 points.
Lachlan Richardson, 0-0.00 points.
Luke Snyder, 0-0.00 points.
Reese Cates, 0-0.00 points.
Shane Proctor, 0-0.00 points.
Troy Wilkinson, 0-0.00 points.
Ty Pozzobon, 0-0.00 points.
Zack Brown, 0-0.00 points.

$3,000 Bonus Bull
Chocolate Thunder (Bird Bucking Bulls) vs. Austin Meier, buck off at 2.68 seconds.

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