Nine Days and Counting Until the 2006 PBR Season Cutoff


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As the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) gear up for the bright lights of Las Vegas and one of the hottest races in professional sports, bull riders are fighting to be among the top 45 athletes qualified to compete at the $3.5 million Built Ford Tough World Finals presented by Wrangler. Two consecutive weekends of explosive bull riding action hit Las Vegas, Nev. October 27-29 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center and November 2-5 at the Thomas & Mack Center. Qualification to the PBR World Finals is based upon total money won throughout the entire season on all PBR tours - the Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler (BFTS), the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC) Challenger Tour, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Tour and the Discovery Tour.

Life on the Bubble

If the 2006 season cut off were to occur today, Jesse Torkelson (Winfield, AB, Canada) would have a lock on the 45th and final spot in the PBR World Finals Qualifier Standings with $37,763 in regular season earnings. In comparison, in 2005 the magic number to make the World Finals cut was $33,724. However, all that aside, the cutoff is not today and consequently finals hopefuls are gunning for position among the elite top 45. Pivotal to a PBR World Finals qualification for several athletes is the Rocky Boots Invitational in Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 13-14, which offers the largest payout of upcoming regular season events. Not to be overlooked however are Enterprise Rent-A-Car Tour and Discovery Tour events, as well as an event in Halifax, NS, that is on the PBR Canada Rocky Cup schedule for Oct. 6-7.

Under the most pressure to earn PBR bucks during the next two weeks are men on "the bubble," like 46th ranked Mike White (DeKalb, Texas) and number 49 Rob Bell (Houston, BC, Canada). Both men have been plagued by injury this season but could very well capitalize in the final hours of the regular season to be part of the action in Las Vegas. White and Bell are both scheduled to attend minor league bull riding events in Giddings and Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as Roswell, N.M. this weekend. White cracked his first cervical vertebra (C1) at the base of the skull and broke his third/fourth thoracic vertebra at the Cabela's Classic in March and has been on the mend for most of this season. He is probable to compete in Columbus despite a strained low back and bruised left knee. Bell has been out of competition with a liver laceration but is also probable to compete in Columbus. Incidentally, number 45 ranked Jesse Torkelson is scheduled to compete to compete in Columbus with a separated left shoulder.

Don't miss the Rocky Boots Invitational in Columbus, Ohio on October 13-14, 2006 at 8 p.m. nightly. Great seats are still available at or at the Nationwide Arena Box Office. The event will air on VERSUS (formerly OLN) at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. 

Other Injury Updates on Top 50 Ranked Riders (As of Oct. 5, 2006):

Ranking Current Qualifier Standings

#9 Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, N.M.) - Out with an injury to the wrist of his riding hand. He is possible for Columbus.

#7 Brian Canter (Randleman, N.C.) - Out with a right hip pointer. He is probable for Columbus.

#22 Jared Farley (Kempsey, NSW, Australia) - Out following surgery for a sports hernia. He is probable for Columbus.

# 26 J.W. Hart (Overbrook, Okla.) - Out with a herniated disc in his low back. He is probable for Columbus.

#29 Beau Hill (West Glacier, Mont.) - Out with a sprained right thumb (riding hand). He is questionable for Columbus.

#10 J.B. Mauney (Mooresville, N.C.) - Out with an apparent broken bone in his riding hand that will probably require surgery. Will compete in Columbus, Ohio.

#15 Rocky McDonald (Col. Juarez, Mexico) - Competing with a sprained sacroiliac joint.

#8 Adriano Moraes (Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Competing with a strained low back.

#36 Allan Moraes (Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Out with a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He is probable for Columbus.

#50 Willy Ropp (Trenton, Mo.) - Out with facial and head injuries sustained in Chihuahua. He is possible for Columbus.

#3 Chris Shivers (Jonesville, La.) - Competing with a herniated disc in his neck, a sprained left wrist (riding hand), and a sprained left knee.

#45 Jesse Torkelson (Winfield, AB, Canada) - Competing with a left shoulder (riding arm) separation.

#46 Mike White (DeKalb, Texas) - Competing with a strained low back, bruised his left knee and is probable for Columbus.

#32 Cody Whitney (Asher, Okla.) - Out with an apparent broken bone in his right (free arm) forearm. He may not require surgery and is expected to compete at the PBR World Finals in a cast.

For updated PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals activity schedules, ticket information, results and standings visit

Top 50 as of October 5, 2006 (ranked by Qualifier Dollars):

PlaceRiderBFTS DollarsCT DollarsInternational DollarsTotal DollarsBehind Leader
1.Guilherme Marchi$264,661.97$11,175.09$0.00$275,837.06-
2.Mike Lee$183,276.22$51,818.44$0.00$235,094.66-$40,742.41
3.Chris Shivers$207,424.73$8,247.42$0.00$215,672.15-$60,164.91
4.Sean Willingham$200,813.00$1,923.54$0.00$202,736.54-$73,100.52
5.Justin McBride$176,146.83$2,935.53$0.00$179,082.36-$96,754.70
6.Wiley Petersen$168,662.19$3,779.87$0.00$172,442.06-$103,395.01
7.Brian Canter$131,408.50$31,599.83$0.00$163,008.33-$112,828.73
8.Adriano Moraes$134,315.29$12,975.56$0.00$147,290.85-$128,546.22
9.Travis Briscoe$126,754.16$8,170.01$0.00$134,924.17-$140,912.89
10.J. B. Mauney$36,219.00$85,178.11$0.00$121,397.11-$154,439.95
PlaceRiderBFTS DollarsCT DollarsInternational DollarsTotal DollarsBehind Leader
11.Jody Newberry$113,214.62$5,986.15$0.00$119,200.77-$156,636.30
12.Austin Meier$56,711.33$59,513.80$0.00$116,225.13-$159,611.93
13.Kody Lostroh$48,223.50$55,439.27$0.00$103,662.77-$172,174.29
14.Dustin Hall$68,606.00$32,530.20$0.00$101,136.20-$174,700.86
15.Rocky McDonald$62,387.50$31,670.84$4,421.05$98,479.39-$177,357.67
16.Ross Coleman$88,346.09$5,240.81$0.00$93,586.90-$182,250.17
17.Matt Bohon$79,624.40$11,439.56$0.00$91,063.96-$184,773.10
18.Kasey Hayes$41,975.00$47,257.39$0.00$89,232.39-$186,604.67
19.Jason Bennett$27,889.00$54,367.25$0.00$82,256.25-$193,580.81
20.LJ Jenkins$25,144.33$51,897.08$0.00$77,041.41-$198,795.65
PlaceRiderBFTS DollarsCT DollarsInternational DollarsTotal DollarsBehind Leader
21.Colby Yates$54,439.00$22,415.01$0.00$76,854.01-$198,983.05
22.Jared Farley$63,452.50$11,865.94$812.03$76,130.47-$199,706.59
23.Paulo Crimber$26,094.00$45,201.32$0.00$71,295.32-$204,541.74
24.Tater Porter$31,681.50$29,222.45$3,667.36$64,571.31-$211,265.75
25.Cord McCoy$15,225.00$45,797.11$0.00$61,022.11-$214,814.95
26.J. W. Hart$57,026.29$2,573.24$0.00$59,599.53-$216,237.54
27.Corey Navarre$35,764.40$19,447.24$0.00$55,211.64-$220,625.42
28.Greg Potter$32,164.55$14,729.20$7,929.82$54,823.57-$221,013.49
29.Beau Hill$20,284.00$27,109.65$4,425.72$51,819.37-$224,017.69
30.Luke Snyder$26,001.50$24,327.23$315.79$50,644.52-$225,192.54
PlaceRiderBFTS DollarsCT DollarsInternational DollarsTotal DollarsBehind Leader
31.Robson Palermo$25,616.00$23,446.72$1,130.99$50,193.71-$225,643.35
32.Cody Whitney$47,419.00$2,770.25$0.00$50,189.25-$225,647.81
33.Brendon Clark$7,110.00$42,842.18$0.00$49,952.18-$225,884.88
34.Steven Shelley$16,837.50$29,924.95$0.00$46,762.45-$229,074.61
35.Sevi Torturo$38,241.69$8,112.85$0.00$46,354.54-$229,482.53
36.Allan Moraes$32,158.00$13,756.50$0.00$45,914.50-$229,922.56
37.Mark Lopes$9,580.00$36,282.47$0.00$45,862.47-$229,974.59
38.Brian Herman$34,163.22$8,255.47$0.00$42,418.69-$233,418.38
39.Cory Rasch$37,321.00$4,659.23$0.00$41,980.23-$233,856.83
40.Robey Condra$5,590.00$35,453.93$0.00$41,043.93-$234,793.13
PlaceRiderBFTS DollarsCT DollarsInternational DollarsTotal DollarsBehind Leader
41.Marcelo Cruz$16,450.00$24,041.04$0.00$40,491.04-$235,346.02
42.Dan Henricks$34,993.50$4,757.62$0.00$39,751.12-$236,085.94
43.Leandro Mattos$30,383.00$7,655.14$0.00$38,038.14-$237,798.92
44.Kyle Cudmore$11,310.00$26,676.11$0.00$37,986.11-$237,850.95
45.Jesse Torkelson$2,560.00$18,958.21$16,244.96$37,763.17-$238,073.89
46.Mike White$21,248.00$15,168.54$0.00$36,416.54-$239,420.52
47.Danny Schlobohm$2,287.00$33,037.72$0.00$35,324.72-$240,512.34
48.Silvanei Dias$0.00$34,386.08$0.00$34,386.08-$241,450.98
49.Rob Bell$6,007.79$28,370.79$0.00$34,378.58-$241,458.49
50.Shane Proctor$3,560.00$29,170.90$1,000.88$33,731.78-$242,105.28

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