Valdiviezo believes Team Mexico can bounce back

Jorge Valdiviezo was one of two members of Team Mexico to earn a qualified ride.


  • Team Mexico sits in last place after the first night of competition at the Global Cup with two qualified rides in 16 outs.
  • Jorge Valdiviezo had one of those rides and believes that Team Mexico just needs to believe in itself to be able to compete with the best.
  • Valdiviezo was unable to compete in last year's Global Cup due to injury but has provided the team a major boost this year.

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SYDNEY, Australia – Jorge Valdiviezo wants Team Mexico to believe in themselves.

The 28-year-old has a hunch that confidence is the primary thing standing in the way between them competing neck and neck with Team Brazil, Team Australia, Team USA and Team Canada.

“Yeah, I mean, all these guys can ride really, really good,” Valdiviezo said. “It’s just about confidence.”

Valdiviezo finished second in Round 1 after riding Iron Jacket for 85.5 points.

The ride was one of only two qualified rides by Team Mexico in 16 outs.

“I’m happy to be the first guy to make a good ride,” Valdiviezo said. “We think we can be better tomorrow and of course for the World Cup.”

Team Mexico coach Gerardo Venegas did not use Valdiviezo in the Bonus Round.

Instead, Venegas went with Gustavo Pedrero, who rode SweetPro’s Enemies Everywhere for 83 points and Alfonso Orozco bucked off SweetPro’s Call Me Joe in 2.77 seconds.

Valdiviezo was unable to compete in the November Global Cup because injuries to each of his shoulders last year.

“Last year it was the left in January and the right in July,” Valdiviezo said. “Right now, I feel healthy. I feel confident and happy to win something here before it’s back to (Unleash The Beast).”

Valdiviezo is 9-for-18 (50 percent) at all levels of competition in 2018.

“Jorge is riding really good,” Venegas said. “When I called him (to select him earlier this year), I was like, ‘Ah I don’t know because he has been hurt. But he is one of the more experienced. He has been there and seen it. Once you start seeing it, you start seeing results. He boosts you up.”

Fans can watch the conclusion of the Global Cup exclusively on RidePass beginning at 5:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, June 10.

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