Mauney defeats Davis in $25,000 showdown

J.B. Mauney and Cooper Davis quickly had to make their way from North Dakota to Oklahoma early Saturday.


  • J.B. Mauney rode Cochise for 91 points to win his showdown with Cooper Davis Saturday night in Vinita, Oklahoma.
  • It was a quick turn around for Mauney, who had to get past his frustration with his buck off against Pearl Harbor on Friday and get back to business on Saturday.
  • Meanwhile, Winston Lopez won the Touring Pro Division event that preceded Mauney and Davis' duel.

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VINITA, Okla. – 24 hours after missing out on $50,000 against Pearl Harbor in Bismarck, North Dakota, J.B. Mauney defeated reigning World Champion Cooper Davis in a $25,000 showdown following the Hometown Dodge Challenger PBR Touring Pro Division event Saturday night at the American Legion Rodeo Complex.

Mauney covered Cochise for 91 points to win the duel, while Davis was bucked off by Seven Dust.

The difference between Cochise and Pearl Harbor was simple, Mauney explained.

“I stayed on,” Mauney said with laugh during a phone interview for “It worked out pretty good for me this time.”

It was a quick turnaround for Mauney, who left Bismarck early Saturday morning and arrived in Oklahoma in the afternoon. He spent the day doing PR engagements around town with Davis, which means Mauney didn’t have much time to sulk over his buckoff against Pearl Harbor.

“It didn’t take me long to realize when riding bulls you got to let the buckoffs go,” Mauney said. “Tomorrow is a new day and the older I’ve gotten the better I’ve gotten at it. I was mad last night, but I had to be at the airport at 4:30 this morning. When you’re tired and you’re worn out, you don’t have much time to think, you just get on and ride.”

Meanwhile, Davis got a face full of mud courtesy of Seven Dust. It was only the second time Davis had faced Seven Dust after meeting a similar fate at the 2014 Calgary Stampede, and his nasty reputation preceded him on Saturday.

“He didn’t treat me very good at all,” Davis said. “I know he pulled me down right around there. He’s big and mean and stout, and he just got the best of me.”

It was a long weekend for the pair of World Champions. Despite not prevailing, Davis appreciated the chance to compete at the unique event and experience the small town atmosphere in Vinita.  

“It was definitely cool getting to be in an atmosphere like this and in this arena,” Davis said. “There was about a foot of mud – so it makes it a little bit more difficult – but it was a cool event, and I was grateful for the opportunity.”

Earlier in the evening, Winston Lopez used an 89-point ride in Round 1 to earn the win during the Touring Pro Division event.

It is the second TPD victory for Lopez in 2017 after winning in Gonzales, Texas.

2016 World Finals event winner, and Oklahoma native, Ryan Dirteater finished eighth overall in the event.

Even though Mauney still blamed himself for his failure against Pearl Harbor, it still ended up being a profitable weekend for the two-time World Champion.

Mauney knows that every out is just another lesson, and he was sure to get ahead of himself for the second time in a row.

“I caused (the buckoff) and that’s when I get real mad,” Mauney said. “But I always try to fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen twice.” 

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