Lockwood's rookie year featured on CBS Sports Network

Jess Lockwood's Rookie of the Year campaign was reminiscent of Luke Snyder's. Photo: Christopher Thompson / BullStockMedia.com


  • In the second episode of the CBS Sports Network series PBR Tough Ten, some of the greats of the sport run down the most magical moments in PBR history.
  • Among those moments was the rise of 2016 Rookie of the Year, Jess Lockwood, who turned in a season reminiscent of the great Luke Snyder.
  • Also among the magic moments are Adriano Moraes' third World Championship, Robson Palermo's Las Vegas run and J.B. Mauney's legendary ride on Bushwacker.

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PUEBLO, Colo. – Over the course of the PBR’s 23-year history, there has been no shortage of magical moments. In that relatively short time span, giants of the sport have arrived, dominated and walked away leaving lasting memories that still bring shivers to fans worldwide.

On Saturday night, a few of the PBR’s greatest moments in history will be featured on CBS Sports Network’s “PBR Tough 10: Magic Moments.”

The episode will air at 9:30 p.m. ET  and is the second of a four-part series on CBS Sports Network. Tune in to find out exactly where these moments rank, and which one was named number one.

Among those moments are the magnificent Rookie of the Year seasons of Luke Snyder and Jess Lockwood, Adriano Moraes’ record-setting third World Championship, Robson Palermo’s magic in Las Vegas and J.B. Mauney conquering a legend of the sport.

Lockwood, the 2016 Rookie of the Year, made the list after a season that mirrored Snyder’s, the 2001 Rookie of the Year. Snyder went 29-for-55 that season, including a win at the 2001 World Finals event. Lockwood finished 2016 eighth in the world standings after going 25-for-57 and winning his first BFTS event in his home state of Montana.

It was a pair of campaigns many consider to be among the best rookie seasons in PBR history.

“The first time I ever saw Chris Shivers, Justin McBride, Silvano (Alves) I knew he was going to be the World Champion,” PBR Director of Livestock Cody Lambert says in the episode. “That’s how I feel about Jess Lockwood too.”

While Lockwood’s rise made this list, it was the departure of an all-time great that ranked even higher.

Three-time World Champion Bull Bushwacker was not only a giant in the world of the PBR, he was an animal athlete that rivaled greats like Secretariat. His final season of competition was bittersweet for many, except maybe the countless riders he tossed during his illustrious career.

“I’ve always thought about all the riders that helped the PBR get to where it is,” two-time World Champion Justin McBride said. “I think Bushwacker is as important as any guy has ever been.”

Through 2009-2014, Bushwacker was ridden only twice in 66 total Built Ford Tough Series outs. His streak of 42 consecutive buckoffs still stands as a PBR record and is a level of excellence that looks like it will, for now, stand the test of time.

There is one trait, though, that defines every bull rider in PBR history – grit.

In 2005, McBride had a world title in his sights, but one bull would try to make that championship slip through his hand.

His hand would tighten its grip, though, when McBride literally held onto Camo for dear life in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round to win his first World Championship.

“It was technically probably one of the worst rides I’ve ever made,” McBride said. “But come hell or high water, I was staying on that day.”

That extraordinary effort paid off big for McBride, and it displayed the kind of courage and determination that makes the riders of the PBR stand out.

“You do whatever it takes to win,” Moraes said. “That’s what Justin did.”  

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