The Morning Line: Albuquerque, Round 3

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  • Brennon Eldred has a tough Round 3 meeting with Chocolate Shake.
  • Jose Vitor Leme can get back on track against Shelley's Gangster.
  • Cody Teel is a good fit for Sketchy Bob.

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Jose Vitor Leme on 1201 Shelley’s Gangster:

Leme rode his first bull, but came up short in Round 2. He’s likely to get back in it on this bull. Shelley’s Gangster is a bull that produces big scores and round wins. He’s also weak against left-handed riders. Leme is a small rider, and he could make this bull look good enough to get an 88- to 89-point score.

Cody Teel on Z7 Sketchy Bob:

Teel is a better fit for this bull than most of the other guys here. Sketchy Bob has been around for a few years, he’s been a solid bull at this level, and he’s 9-11 against right-handed riders. His buckoff percentage is way up this season from what it normally is, and part of that is because he’s drawn riders who are not particularly well-equipped to ride him. The key factor with this bull is that he has a lot of up and down, and he’s got an old-school style. Every jump is different from the last. He tends to go to the right, and that does give right-handed riders an advantage. Teel can handle the up and down and unpredictable nature better than most, and that makes this a great draw for him.

Dakota Buttar on 202 Big Country:

Buttar split the first round with Jess Lockwood and didn’t follow that up with a score last night. He has a good draw here and could possibly do well in this round. Big Country threw Brady Oleson off in round one, but he’s a great draw for any left-handed rider. Buttar will probably get along with him.

Jess Lockwood on +219 Blue Stone:

Lockwood is in the same boat with Buttar. One round win, one buckoff, and a great chance to get back in contention in Round 3. Blue Stone is one of the best draws at this event, especially for lefties, and Lockwood rode him last summer at the Calgary Stampede for 90.5 points.

Juan Carlos Contreras on 311 Get Smoked:

There are six riders here who are 2-for-2, and Contreras is one of them. He might end up 3-for-3 going into the championship round. Get Smoked likes to go to the right, which isn’t perfect for Contreras, but the bull has great timing and not too much up and down. Riders tend to get along with him regardless of which hand they ride with or which way he spins.

Lucas Divino on 215 Roll of the Dice:

Divino hit the ground early last night, but he has a significantly nicer bull today. Roll of the Dice has been ridden eight times in 10 outs at this level. He is a textbook spinner with perfect timing, and he usually goes to the right. He’s all but a day off for strong riders at this level.

Cody Nance on X18 More Big Bucks:

There’s no way Nance is going to complain about this matchup. He’s already 2-for-2 here, and this is by far the best draw he’s had yet. More Big Bucks is well known for being the first bull picked in many championship rounds. He has a solid record against right-handed riders, but he’s 14-20 against lefties, and he’s carried a lot of guys to round wins in big situations. Nance has been on him once and rode him at a Touring Pro Division event last summer.

Brennon Eldred on 40Y Chocolate Shake:

Chocolate Shake is likely to be a tougher test than event leader Eldred has faced thus far. He can spin either way, but the difficulty with him is that he has some forward movement and doesn’t stay locked into a predictable pattern. He changes things up enough to get most guys on the ground. This will be a fight for Eldred, but a winnable one if he can stay out over this bull.

Cody Jesus on -247 Red Bandana:

Like Eldred, Jesus will go up against the most difficult bull he’s drawn so far this weekend. Red Bandana does tend to stay in a fairly predictable spin, but he’s heavy and strong for the kind of bull he is. He can spin either way. Jesus will be tested, but he has the talent to win this matchup.

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