The Morning Line: Sacramento, Day 3


  • Ramon de Lima has a matchup against Juice in Round 3 as he continues his pursuit of his first victory.
  • Defending World Champion Jess Lockwood faces off against Johnny Sack.
  • Cody Nance has one of the best matchups against Big Black Cat.

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Ramon de Lima on 213 Juice:

This is a newer bull that threw Ryan Dirteater off last night. But, he didn’t do it until 7.83 seconds in. He was ridden by Jordan Hansen in his only other premier series out last fall. Lima hasn’t won a 25th PBR: Unleash The Beast, but he has the numbers of a rider who should win some events, and he’s in the best possible position here.

Stetson Lawrence on A14 Element 79:

Cody Teel was 87 points on this bull on Saturday, and this is a great draw for Lawrence. Element 79 has great timing, he tends to go to the left, and he should carry Lawrence to a third straight score.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 267 Dusty’s Revenge:

Dusty’s Revenge threw Edgar Durazo off last night, and he is 9-1 against right-handed riders in his career. However, Joao Ricardo Vieira rode him at the Global Cup event in Edmonton, and if you watch that ride, he doesn’t look like enough bull to shake Valdiron off.

Luciano de Castro on 18A Widespread Panic:

We’ve seen this bull a few times before and he has a spotty record. He threw Joao Ricardo Vieira off in Round 1. Each year, D&H Cattle Company bulls travel in many different directions. If they raise a bull that looks like a standout at an early age, they will compete with him in the ABBI, and we will usually see them at some premier series events. If a bull needs more time to develop, they may take him on the rodeo trail for a time. Widespread Panic is a 5-year-old, who hasn’t been a competition bull, and he’s been back and forth between rodeos and the PBR. He’s had some bad outs, but he’s also had some that show a lot of promise, and he’s a big question mark here. We don’t really know what to expect from him, and the outcome for Castro is dependent on what the bull does more than any other factor.

Cody Teel on 33/2 Hawaiian Bond:

This is the colorful bull that threw Eduardo Aparecido off in Round 1. Teel is probably very familiar with him because the bull has spent most of his time on the rodeo trail, where Teel has certainly seen him before. Bond goes to the left, which will be away from Teel’s hand, but he doesn’t throw a lot of difficulty at the rider aside from his spin. Bond’s style is similar to Lester Gillis – a bull we’ve seen a lot over the past couple of years.

Derek Kolbaba on 2-1 Mortimer:

Kolbaba has done his job here and ridden both bulls, but there are six guys ahead of him that did the same. Ten riders are 2-for-2 here. Kolbaba outdrew most of them, but the catch is that Mortimer goes away from his hand and has thrown him off before. They met back in 2016 and Kolbaba only lasted 3.46 seconds. If he can overcome going away from his hand here he will probably get a good enough score to move up in the standings.

Marco Eguchi on 79Z High Pockets:

This is another Page bull that has jumped back and forth from the rodeo circuit to the PBR. He hasn’t made the highlight reel in his few premier series outs, but Sage Kimzey was 90 points on him at a Wyoming rodeo last summer and that’s a promising sign. High Pockets can be bad in the chute. Silvano Alves couldn’t get out on him in Saturday night’s round, but Alves may be the least adept bull rider in history at getting out of the chute on any bull.

Cody Nance on E5 Big Black Cat:

Nance may be in 10th place overall, but he has two scores on the board, and he’s outdrawn everyone here. Big Black Cat threw Cooper Davis off last night right at the whistle, but he’s really a better bull for a lefty. If Nance can beat him, he will get a big score and move way up in the event standings.

Jess Lockwood on 99/4 Johnny Sack:

Lockwood bucked off in the first round, so with just one score he’s already close to the bubble for even qualifying for the championship round. This bull isn’t well known, but he has three outs on record and was ridden in two of them. He threw Edgar Durazo off in Round 1, and he put up a 43.75-point bull score doing it. That gives Lockwood a potential 88-90-point ride score and put him back in contention for an event win.

Guilherme Marchi on Z7 Sketchy Bob:

These two met back in 2016 and Marchi bucked off. But, this is an absolutely great draw for a right-handed guy. He’s 7-10 against righties in his career, and he’s been ridden for good scores nearly every time. Marchi is in the same fix as Lockwood with one score, but he’s already out of the championship round in 17th place overall, so he must have a score here to get in.

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