The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 3


  • Cooper Davis may continue his stellar weekend with a ride on Death Row.
  • Eduardo Aparecido will have to battle against Call the Law, who can be tough on right-handed riders.
  • Koal Livingston has been riding through injuries, but he has proved a lot and can do it again against Smooth Over.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Sunday of the Invitational, presented by Bass Pro Shops, will feature Round 3 and the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

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Round 3:

Cooper Davis on 334 Death Row:

The Cooper Davis show may not be over. Death Row threw Stetson Lawrence off in Round 1, but he’s faced one right-handed rider before, and that ended up with a score for Brennon Eldred in Wichita, Kansas, earlier this year. Davis should make this bull look good, and he could win yet another round here.

Eduardo Aparecido on 387 Call the Law:

Stormy Wing won Round 1 in Thackerville, Oklahoma, on this bull, and Aparecido has a very good chance at a third score on him. Call the Law is a lot tougher on right-handed riders than lefties, and Aparecido will have to break that trend to get a score.

Rubens Barbosa on A19 Bezerk:

Bezerk is one of the more rideable bulls in the ABBI Classic group this year, and he’s carried several riders to the pay window. He tends to go to the left, but that wasn’t an issue for Emilio Resende and Eduardo Aparecido who both earned scores on him this season. Both of those riders are normally more adept at riding bulls away from their hand than Barbosa is, however. Staying perfect on three will be tough, but doable for Barbosa.

Emilio Resende on 312 Relentless:

This is the bull Cooper Davis won the first round on, and Resende certainly has a shot at doing very well here. This bull went to the left with Davis, and that is his normal trip. Throughout his career Resende has had some outstanding rides on bulls that go away from his hand, but because of his style there’s a greater chance he could cost himself a good score.

If you watch Davis ride, he has matured into a near perfect style, somewhat reminiscent of 2009 World Champion Kody Lostroh, who made small moves and seldom gave the bull a mistake to take advantage of. Resende is a little wilder, makes big moves, and often overrides his bull in the same manner Rubens Barbosa does. Both Barbosa and Resende have exceptionally good balance which compensates for their mistakes and allows them to come through with impressive rides some of the time, but far more often the bull punishes their error and bucks them off. This is not something Resende can simply correct in a day, and he may never correct it, so there is a greater degree of luck involved in whether or not he can stay on this bull compared to whether or not Davis can. This is a common scenario in this sport, it’s just more obvious when looking at these two riders on this particular bull, who tends to have exactly the same trip every time.

Jess Lockwood on 20A High Test:

Lockwood will have to tackle a bull that goes away from his hand as well. High Test has a little hidden difficulty in that while he has good timing, he puts more effort into spinning than he does going up and down. A bull like Relentless will jump kick and spin in near equal measures, but High Test will definitely come further around each jump than other bulls, and the effect of this is that the rider never quite feels locked in, even when everything is happening in a steady rhythm. Lockwood can handle this, but it won’t be a walk in the park.

Koal Livingston on 44A Smooth Over:

A lot has happened at Springfield this weekend, but beyond the headlines, this young rider has demonstrated that he may be better than his numbers make him look. He makes it hard for bulls to get him on the ground, and he’s looked good even though he’s dealing with injuries. He has a pretty favorable draw here. Aparecido rode Smooth Over in Round 1 for 85.5 points. There’s a good chance Livingston could pick up a second score here.

Cody Teel on 3034 Fraulein:

Claudio Montanha Jr. had this bull in the first round and bucked off, but expect Teel to get the job done here. This is one of the better draws in this group or Classic bulls, and Teel is a more polished rider than Montanha. Like a lot of guys in this round, Teel is facing a bull that goes away from his hand, but all factors considered this is an easier matchup for him than some of the others.

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