The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 2


  • Cooper Davis won Round 1 and drew well with both of his bulls on Saturday.
  • Derek Kolbaba has a chance to break his slump against Pale Rider.
  • Kaique Pacheco was bucked off by Jack Shot last weekend, but still has a good history against him.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Saturday night of the Invitational, presented by Bass Pro Shops, will feature Round 2 and a 15/15 Bucking Battle.

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Round 2:

Ryan Dirteater on 2013 Cool Hand Luke:

With four outs and three qualified rides on his record, plus the fact that he likes to go to the left, Luke should be a walk in the park for Dirteater. This bull has great timing, and is one of the more rider-friendly bulls out in this round.

Cooper Davis on 215 Roll of the Dice:

Davis won the opening round last night, and he’s drawn to his advantage in both rounds today. Roll of the Dice has yet to throw anyone off at a Built Ford Tough Series event. He’s 0-5 on tour. Davis should handle this easily, and he has another good draw waiting for him in the 15/15 round.

Derek Kolbaba on 17 Pale Rider:

Kolbaba hasn’t ridden all that well through to second half of the season so far, but he could get back on track tonight. Pale Rider goes to the left, and is very rideable. He should fit Kolbaba well, and once he’s into a spin he should be pretty predictable. This is the kind of draw a rider can ride his way out of a slump on.

Kaique Pacheco on 7-213 Jesus & Bocephus:

Pacheco needs to right the ship. He hasn’t been riding well since he took over the standings lead, and he doesn’t have the easiest draw here, at least compared to other bulls in this round. This bull has a relatively respectable record, but he should be well within Pacheco’s comfort zone. He can spin either way, but he has timing and Pacheco should ride him regardless of which direction he goes.

Stetson Lawrence on 040 Missouri Boat Ride:

Lawrence drew what may be the easiest bull in this round, possibly to make up for the fact that he drew the most difficult bull in the 15/15 Bucking Battle later. Missouri Boat Ride is 3-9 at the BFTS level, and it’s because he tends to give the rider a lot of second chances. He will often gather himself in the spin and give the rider a chance to adjust, and he doesn’t have a lot of speed to start with. Look for Lawrence to get an easy score here, and if the bull has a good day he could place well in the round.

Mike Lee on C12 Rebel Yell:

Lee bucked off this bull back in 2013, but he should win this matchup today. Rebel Yell has been ridden in four of his last six BFTS outs, and he has some of the same characteristics as Missouri Boat Ride, but he’s a little stronger all around. Lee should easily pick up a second score.

Guilherme Marchi on 23 Shownuff:

This bull made his debut in Tulsa, and if he has the same trip here, this may be the round win. Eduardo Aparecido scored 87.75 points on him in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he went to the right there. He looks like a perfect fit for Marchi.

15/15 Bucking Battle:

Stetson Lawrence on 80 Jeremiah:

Jeremiah is 46-1 in his career, and he had an off day when he was ridden. He is anathema to all riders, and deservedly so. He’s a quick and powerful bull who can make big forward moves rather unexpectedly. On his best day, he’s all but impossible to ride, and he’s probably the last bull any rider would choose to get on if they were choosing.

Marco Eguchi on 222 Mystikal:

Mystikal threw Eguchi off at the World Finals last year, and he’s done the same for nearly everyone who has tried him. He’s 23-1 in his career. Cody Teel rode him in Billings, Montana, this year, and he made it look easy. The bull went to the right with Teel, and if he has the same trip here Eguchi certainly has a shot.

Rubens Barbosa on W37 Cochise:

Every right-handed rider is at a disadvantage on Cochise, but less than they once were. This bull can have a really explosive first jump or two that gives him world class difficulty, but he doesn’t always do that. He’s had more mellow trips this season and has given up several qualified rides because of it. Barbosa’s style isn’t well suited for Cochise by any means, and he’s been on him twice before. He was disqualified in the chute early this year, and bucked off in late 2016.

Mason Lowe on 125 Catfish John:

This is a pretty good draw for Lowe. He’s ridden this bull at a rodeo way back in 2013, but he also bucked off of him in Las Vegas earlier this year. Catfish John is a much better fit for right-handed guys because he goes to the right, but at this point in his career he’s challenging for everyone. He’s thrown off a number of top-tier right-handed riders this year.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 267 Dusty’s Revenge:

Dusty’s Revenge is a relatively new bull who has only been active since March of this year. He’s run a gauntlet of riders, though, and he’s only given up one ride in twelve outs. He’s 7-0 at the BFTS level. He hasn’t faced a left-handed rider as good as Vieira yet – most of the riders he’s faced on tour are righties. Vieira has been on something of a cold streak like Pacheco, and he’s only ridden one of his last six bulls.

Cody Nance on X22 Hammer It Again:

Nance had this bull last year and bucked off. If you divided bulls by whether they used mostly strength or agility, this one would be all agility. He’s fast, wild and showy. Reese Cates rode him last year, and he’s the only man who has in fourteen career outs.

Cody Teel on 806 Speed Demon:

This bull isn’t the best fit for Teel. He’s a smaller bull, and Teel is a bigger rider. On top of that his style tends to amplify the disadvantages of being tall. He’s quite fast, he has a lot of up and down, and he can have some timing breaks that will unseat anyone. This is a bull to keep an eye on. He’s had some outstanding trips this year, and he’s a couple of good trips away from jumping into the World Champion Bull race.

Matt Triplett on 001 Smooth Operator:

Derek Kolbaba is in a similar situation here, except this bull goes the other way. Every right-handed rider has an outside chance on Smooth Operator, but Triplett will need to do everything right and get a little help from the bull in the way of a more rideable trip. On his best day, Smooth Operator has a big move that will get even the best riders nearly every time.

Stormy Wing on -147 TLW’s Big Cat:

Wing has tried this bull twice before, and hasn’t gotten it done. Big Cat is looking to gain ground in the World Champion Bull race, and he needs a big out to do that. He hasn’t had a 45+ point out since March. Regardless of how he scores he’s one of the most difficult to ride bulls in the PBR right now, with a 35-1 record overall, and 26-1 on the BFTS level.

Cooper Davis on 1206 Cut the Cord:

Davis is the only man to have gotten a score on this bull. Thirty other riders have come up short. Davis scored 91 points on him in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, earlier this year in their only previous meeting. This is one of the best bulls going right now, and he’s an all-around quality performer. He doesn’t really have any tricks and he’s similar to Bruiser in that he doesn’t really do anything bull riders don’t like, but he does what he does so well they still can’t ride him. He stays closer to the ground than Bruiser and he may have more raw power and centrifugal force in the spin, but he’s not as flashy.

Claudio Montanha on 045 Seven Dust:

Montanha has drawn Seven Dust twice before. He was fouled one of those times, and came down at 6.35 seconds the other. That is a respectable start on this difficult bull, and Montanha has a chance here, but he came down from a much easier bull last night.

Derek Kolbaba on 44W Stone Sober:

Kolbaba has been on Stone Sober twice and didn’t make it very far, but he still has as much of a shot at getting this done as any other left-handed rider here. Because Stone Sober goes to the left it is at least within the realm of possibility that a left-handed rider could get to him, but a list of things must go the rider’s way:

1: Stone Sober has to leave relatively clean. He can be a bit of a pill in the chute and blow up just as they open the gate.
2: He has to have a normal kind of trip, meaning that he doesn’t roll sideways the first round, or try to do cartwheels or wheelies.
3: The rider has to do everything right – no mistakes allowed.
4: The rider has to have luck on his side too.

Jess Lockwood on 32Y Sweet Pro’s Bruiser:

It seems like luck of the draw wants someone to ride Bruiser, because it keeps pitting him against guys who have a really good chance to do it. Lockwood has been on Bruiser once – over a year ago – and didn’t make the whistle, but this is a matchup that could produce a massive score. Lockwood came down right at the whistle in round one on Page’s Too Smooth, who was a lot like Bruiser, but easier.

Eduardo Aparecido on 206 Burn It Down:

This won’t be an easy job for Aparecido. Burn it Down is 16-1 in his career, and he’s 4-1 against PBR World Champions. Guilherme Marchi rode him in Tulsa in 2016, but other than that he’s blanked everyone.

Kaique Pacheco on 57Z Jack Shot:

Pacheco bucked off Jack Shot just last week, but he’s ridden him twice before. Although Pacheco didn’t ride well in Thackerville, Oklahoma, in general, don’t bet against him on this bull. He stands a good chance to win this round.

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