The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 1


  • This weekend in Springfield will be a big event for ABBI bulls. Friday night will be an ABBI Classic round, while Saturday will be an ABBI Maturity round.
  • Switch Hitter will probably go away from Cody Teel's hand and is more difficult, but he could also deliver a bigger score.
  • Something will have to give in Jess Lockwood's match with After Midnight, and when it does it could mean big things for him.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield is an all ABBI event. The opening round features an ABBI Classic competition, and the same bulls will come back in Round 3 on Sunday. Round 2 on Saturday is an ABBI Maturity, similar to the Classic, but for bulls of any age. There is a lot of money on the line for the bulls and the riders here.

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Claudio Montanha Jr. on 3034 Fraulein:

This is a black bull we’ve seen once before at the Built Ford Tough Series level. He threw J.W. Harris off in Kansas City early this year, but Harris didn’t come down until the 7.4-second mark. This is one of the nicer draws in the round. He takes big jumps and hangs in the air long enough to let the rider make an adjustment. He does go to the left, and his best chance for a win in this match is that Montanha is right-handed. The top BFTS riders should beat this bull 70 percent of the time regardless of which direction he goes.

Cody Teel on A61 Switch Hitter:

Teel is facing almost the same situation as Montanha here. Switch Hitter will probably go away from Teel’s hand, and he’s easily the more difficult of the two bulls. He doesn’t give the rider a lot of time to catch up, and he moves around in the spin more than Fraulein. He’s also capable of delivering a slightly better score.

Eduardo Aparecido on 44A Smooth Over:

Aparecido rode this bull a few weeks ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but only for 82.25 points. Smooth Over did not have his best day, and this is a bull that can be hot or cold. When he’s hot he’s as good as any bull here, and his difficulty level goes up accordingly.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on IV37 Astro:

This is a very nice bull that Jess Lockwood rode for 87.5 points in Tulsa. The catch is that he went to the right with Lockwood, and that will make him more difficult for Vieira. Astro has a rider-friendly style similar to Fraulein – the bull that Claudio Montanha has in this round – but he’s a little stronger bull all around.

Shane Proctor on 761 Bushwacked:

Not a bad situation for Proctor here. Bushwacked won the ABBI Classic in Thackerville, Oklahoma, just last week with an 88.25 point bull score. He’s also been ridden by two of the three right-handed riders he’s faced. This bull goes all out to the right, and while he’s not a walk in the park, if Proctor can stay in the sweet spot he should take this.

Ryan Dirteater on 3530 Whiskey:

Whiskey is 5-1 in his career, and the one was Ryan Dirteater. He was 85.5 on this bull in February in Kansas City, and that gives him the edge here.

Jess Lockwood on 5A After Midnight:

This is an interesting matchup because something’s got to give in it. Lockwood is one of the best riders in the world, and he’s chasing a world title this year. After Midnight is one of the strongest bulls in the ABBI Classic group, and he’s unridden in 13 career outs. He’s a Page bred bull, and his style often shows it. He can have a lot of kick and drop. Lockwood will have his hands full here, but moments like this are part of a title run.

Cody Nance on A19 Bezerk:

Just before BFTS action resumed in Tulsa, Nance rode this bull at a Velocity Tour event in Allen, Texas, for 85 points. Bezerk is an all-around good draw at any bull riding. He has a lot of action, and he puts out a lot of effort without being overly strong, scary or difficult to ride. He likes to go to the left and he’ll usually go all out. He can have some timing breaks from gathering himself, but this is a bull every rider should love because they can go at him aggressively without fear of overriding him.

Ramon de Lima on 423 War Cloud:

Most riders arrive at the BFTS level without much fanfare. This is true of Lima, who made his debut in Billings, Montana, earlier this season. But, in Thackerville last week, Lima showed that he’s not just here to fill a spot. He rode two of three bulls to win second in the event. We don’t have a long history on him, but here are a few numbers that stand out for this season. He’s been to roughly 27 events with a short round, made the short round at 17 of those, and rode 10 of his 17 short round bulls. Those numbers aren’t just good, they are fantastic. Like Lima, War Cloud is new to this, but not really. He is just a three-year-old bull and has very little history with a rider aboard. However, he was the 2016 ABBI Futurity Champion as a two year old, and he is a standout talent.

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