The Morning Line: Music City Knockout, Day 2


  • Jess Lockwood and Cody Nance both have tough bulls in Bad Beagle and Slinger Jr. respectively. Getting a score will not be easy for both riders.
  • Derek Kolbaba on Losing My Religion against Stormy Wing on Cut The Cord will likely be the matchup of the night. Both riders have the potential for a big score or a big wreck.
  • Cooper Davis will have a slight edge over Matt Triplett. Lester Gillis is rideable while Dusty's Revenge has downed Triplett before.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The best bulls we will see today aside from the Final Four will be in the Second Chance Bracket. It will be a gauntlet, but whoever wins the bracket will have Pearl Harbor in the final four bulls, and they will have a legitimate shot at reaching the final. TLW’s Big Cat is opposite Pearl Harbor, and he scores a lot of quick buckoffs.

On the other side, Bracket A has an edge on Bracket B. The winner of Bracket A will face Seven Dust, and B will have Smooth Operator. The best chance for Bracket B is if Pacheco or Lowe reach Smooth Operator rather than Stormy Wing or Derek Kolbaba, but Wing and Kolbaba looked the best of all the riders last night.

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Bracket A

Jess Lockwood on 209 Bad Beagle
Cody Nance on RK101 Slinger Jr.

Both of these bulls are very hard to ride, and both riders may well buck off here. Lockwood has an edge in this match because he’s the better rider of the two and his bull is statistically easier. However, almost every bull in the PBR is statistically easier than Slinger Jr., who has been ridden just once in 55 career outs, and is 33-1 at the BFTS level. Lockwood won’t have an easy time on Bad Beagle, a bull that prefers to go to the right and is as salty as they come.

Guilherme Marchi on 136 Uncle Tink
Fabiano Vieira on 227 Buckeye Bill

Vieira has an advantage here in that Buckeye Bill has given up a ride to a left-handed rider before. Marchi has been on Uncle Tink once before and lasted 4.82 seconds, but Marchi has also looked very uncomfortable on bulls going away from his hand this weekend and Tink is going to do just that.

Bracket B

Kaique Pacheco on B60 Jammin’ Jackson’s Handsome Jeff
Mason Lowe on 177 Time Bomb

Two right-handed guys here on two bulls that like to go left. Handsome Jeff is the easier to ride of the two. The two bulls have different styles, and Time Bomb doesn’t do much to help the rider while Handsome Jeff typically does. This tilts the match in Pacheco’s favor slightly, but both bulls are significantly better suited for left-handed riders.

Derek Kolbaba on Z8/8 Losing My Religion
Stormy Wing on 1206 Cut the Cord

Kolbaba and Wing both looked unshakeable last night, but both had bulls they were supposed to be able to handle. Not today. This match will test them both. Cut the Cord and Losing My Religion may be the best two bulls in Round 3, although Bad Beagle is right there with them. I like Wing to advance here because Cut the Cord is likely to have better timing. Losing My Religion is a more unpredictable bull, and he could have an easier day today. Wing may have trouble early on a top-tier bull that goes away from his hand. It won’t take much to flip the script here. This is the matchup to watch in this round.

Bracket C

Eduardo Aparecido on 145 Freak of Nature
Cody Teel on 045 Bad Touch

Both bulls are unridden in relatively short careers. Bad Touch has some forward movement, and Teel’s riding style should accommodate that. All things considered, Teel should have the edge in this match. He looked rock solid last night, gritting out 6.9 seconds on Stanley FatMax in Round 1, and turning in 85.5 points in Round 2. Aparecido was extremely lucky to advance at all. On the books, he beat Gage Gay by one one-hundredth of a second, but replay showed he should have lost the match.

Cooper Davis on 567 Lester Gillis
Matt Triplett on 267 Dusty’s Revenge

Neither of these guys are going down easy, but Davis has a slight edge in that Lester Gillis is a solid pattern bull who has given up a couple of qualified rides recently. Dusty’s Revenge is unridden and he threw Triplett off in under two seconds this Spring.

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