The Morning Line: Oklahoma City, Day 2


  • Brady Sims kept a low score Saturday night, but his draw on Sunday gives him a good chance at a strong score.
  • Jess Lockwood was bucked off last night but his Sunday date with Wired Child is one of the better draws in the round.
  • Rubens Barbosa has been on a hot streak since Chicago and he has a chance to keep it going Sunday against Swamp Wreck.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sunday will feature one more round before the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

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Brady Sims on Z7 Sketchy Bob:

Sims kept a low score last night rather than taking the re-ride, and he’s drawn a bull here that has thrown him off before. However, Sketchy Bob is really one of the best bulls to have anywhere he goes. Right-handed riders have had the most success on him, but he’s just a good draw for anyone. If riders could choose one bull to get on at every event for a whole season, Sketchy Bob would be one of the first bulls chosen.

Derek Kolbaba on 1217 Red Moon:

Red Moon is a veteran bull who is a much better fit for right-handed riders than he is for lefties. Kolbaba is already on the board here, and he could take the lead in the event if he can stay on.

Jess Lockwood on Y4 Wired Child:

This is a quality bull with a classic bucking style, and he’s good enough to carry Lockwood to a round win. He’s never been ridden by a left-handed rider, but the better riders he’s faced in his career have mostly been right-handed. Lockwood should be able to convert here.

Nathan Schaper on 37X Udder Lover:

Schaper got a score last night, but getting a second one will be harder. Besides having one of the best bull names ever, Udder Lover is also pretty hard to get by. He’s been ridden just once in 29 career outs. He was an ABBI Classic bull last year, and he’s had good riders on him a number of times.

Kaique Pacheco on Z8/8 Losing My Religion:

Pacheco needs something here to make up for a zero last night. Guilherme Marchi rode Losing My Religion in Thackerville, Oklahoma, last year for 88.75 points. But then the bull completely wrecked Eduardo Aparecido at the World Finals. Pacheco has the chops to ride any bull here, and while this one may be tough, the reward will be big if he can get it done.

Reese Cates on 917 Pound the Alarm:

This bull has been around for a while and he’s carried a lot of right-handed riders to the pay window. He’s been ridden 14 times in his career for an average score of 88.75 points. He’s not an easy bull to ride - he can be tricky, but every right-handed guy has a good chance on him.

Stormy Wing on Z26 Acting Crazy:

Acting Crazy has been ridden just once in his career so far. Guilherme Marchi did it at the World Finals. He’s far from unrideable, but the difficulty for Wing is that the bull goes away from his hand. The good news is this bull loves to get riders tipped forward and get their feet behind them, which means he tends to back up under himself. If you have to ride a really good bull away from your hand you’d rather have one that backs up rather than one that’s always moving forward.

Guilherme Marchi on 204 Deep Water:

These two have met before, and the bull won. This is a good example of the original concept of the PBR - match great riders against great bulls, and it will be good watching. That’s something that didn’t happen as often before the PBR. Marchi is unquestionably a great rider, and this bull has shows signs of greatness at times. He’s been inconsistent at times, but the potential is there.

Rubens Barbosa on Z3 Swamp Wreck:

This bull has allowed only two rides in 17 outs, and both of those to left-handed riders. He’s 6-0 against righties, but that stat is a fluke, because the bull actually goes to the right. Barbosa has a very good chance to get another score and maybe to have another big event here after his win last week.

Dener Barbosa on 100 VJV Nailed:

Nailed is a consistent bull, and he likes the right. He’s never been ridden by a lefty, but he hasn’t been too tough for the right-handed riders he’s faced. Barbosa is more than a match for this bull, but he will have to get it done going away from his hand.

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