The Morning Line: Billings, Day 3


  • Cooper Davis is leading the pack and has a favorable Round 3 match up with Gentleman Jim.
  • Mike Lee finally made 500 rides on Saturday and he could very well record ride 501 Sunday on Buffalo Jump.
  • Rookie Jess Lockwood has handled a lot of the bulls he's seen so far, and Alligator Arms could get him far in Round 3.

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Morning Line - Billings Round 3

This has been a hotly contested event so far with 12 riders coming in with at least one score of 86 or more points, and three riders with two scores. There are plenty of bulls in this round that can deliver an 86 or more, so it may not be easy to get into the short round.

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Round 3 Matchups

Cooper Davis on 27 Gentleman Jim:

Davis is leading the event with two solid rides. He’s picked up 90 world points in the rounds so far, he has another good bull in this round, and stands a great chance to get another big score here. Gentleman Jim reliably goes to the left, and he’s good for an 85-87 point score. He’s also one of the easier to ride long round bulls at this event. He has solid timing, he has enough kick to help the rider out, and Davis should get along with him.

Tanner Byrne on 112X Intensified Clyde:

Byrne didn’t have quite the luck in the draw that Davis had, but he’s definitely got a chance at going three for three as well. Intensified Clyde is a more difficult bull on paper than Gentleman Jim, but he has been ridden a couple of times in eleven career outs. He’s 7-0 at the BFTS level, but he hasn’t always gone against the tip riders. Fraser Babbington had him in round one here, and he looked far from invincible.

Kaique Pacheco on 005 Liquid Fire:

This is the Canadian bull that carried Gage Gay to an 86.25 point score in the opening round and he is a near perfect fit for Pacheco too. Pacheco has a score on the board, but it’s under 86 points, and he needs to add to that to guarantee himself a spot in the short round.

Kurt Shephard on 14 Big Kahuna:

Shephard is the third man with two scores, and he’s sitting third at the moment, but he’s got a relatively unknown bull here. Big Kahuna threw Rubens Barbosa off in round one, and that’s all we know of him. Several other riders who are right behind Shephard in the event standings are in the same situation. Kasey Hayes, Jay Miller, and Derek Kolbaba all have bulls we know little about, and whoever does well out of this group of guys will have a big effect on the outcome of this event.

Mike Lee on W17 Buffalo Jump:

Lee has a pretty good chance of getting a second score in the event and qualified ride number 501 here. He’s been on this bull before, sort of. They met in Seattle about a year ago, and Mike stayed on until the chute gate opened, then things quickly devolved into one of the wackiest wrecks in PBR history. The bull got flipped up onto one end in the chute, and when the gate opened he more or less fell out, and Lee hung up to him a bit, ultimately earning a reride.

Stetson Lawrence on 11 Banjo:

This bull stands out in a crowd because he’s just different looking than most of the other bulls. The typical bull today is small, black, red or spotted with horns. Banjo is a husky white bull with no horns. He’s not un-rideable, but he’s pretty energetic. He’s a workhorse that puts out a lot of effort. He threw Nevada Newman off in round one but Lawrence should be able to handle him, but it won’t be easy.

Wallace de Oliveira on 023 Rusty:

Oliveira doesn’t have a score here yet, but he’s got a good chance here. He’ll need the best trip this bull can bring to earn enough points to make the short round, but he does have the edge in this matchup and should make the whistle.

Silvano Alves on 9 Steamy Windows:

Mason Lowe took this bull to the 7.94 second mark in round one. Steamy Windows doesn’t have much history other than that, but he’s probably going to have a hard time getting Alves on the ground.

Jess Lockwood on 192 Alligator Arms:

This is one of the better matchups in the round. Alligator Arms is very similar to the bull that bucked Lockwood off in round two, but he goes the other way - meaning he will spin into Lockwood’s hand. He did with Robson Palermo earlier this season, which led to an 87 point score. This is a proven BFTS veteran bull, and he will test Lockwood, but from what we’ve seen from this kid so far, this is a pretty even match.

Gage Gay on 058 American Sniper:

Gay is looking for a second score to go with his score from round one, and he won’t find it easy to get on this bull. Sniper throws a lot of riders off, and Gay has tried him before and failed. This bull can be a little lazy and not kick enough at times, and it costs a lot of riders. He isn’t the highest performance bull here, but he’s good. The fact that his style doesn’t fit most riders accounts for almost all of his buckoffs.


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