The morning line: Sacramento, day 2


  • Silvano Alves didn't get a ride on Friday, but draws Mr. Clark, a bull he rode at the 2014 World Finals.
  • Stormy Wing gets Joe The Grinder, a bull who can deliver a round win.
  • Only 12 riders got a score on Friday night.

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Morning Line - Sacramento Round 2

There were a lot of missed opportunities on Friday night. Only 12 riders got a score, and some of them just let it get away. Tonight’s round will feature a little stronger set of bulls overall, and there are some matchups on tap with 90-point potential.

Stormy Wing on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

This is really the matchup of the night, although J.B. Mauney on the Don could overshadow it. Wing was 88 points last night to win the round, and he probably would still have won it had they ridden five more bulls than they did. He’s got as good a draw if not better in this bull. Joe the Grinder is one of the better long round bulls going right now. He’s got some speed, but he also has pretty good timing. He’s more than a match for even the best riders at this level, and he’s almost always worth a good score. The down side for Wing is that he likes to go to the right. Wing has had him twice before with no success, and left-handed guys have struggled against this bull. We have seen Wing make some big rides away from his hand in the past, and if he can find the sweet spot here he’s likely to keep the lead going into the short round.

Fabiano Vieira on 36 Dream Catcher:

Vieira is the favorite here. Dream Catcher was ridden twice last week, and he went to the left both times. In his first trip with Eduardo Aparecido, he reversed the spin and came back around to the right. With Robson Palermo in the short round, he stayed to the left. This is almost the same situation Vieira was in last night — he’s got a quality bull, but one that he should ride easily.

Derek Kolbaba on 360 Bottom’s Up:

Kolbaba finds himself in yet another good situation. He had a good draw last night, got a score, and here he’s matched up with a bull he rode just last week in Anaheim. Things are going well for Mr. Kolbaba, except for his name and his appearance, but if you have a silly last name and you look like a 12-year-old Disney Channel star, being a successful bull rider is a great way to make up for it.

Robson Aragao on 601 Shepherd Hills Trapper:

Aragao may not be playing John Travolta tonight, but you never know. Trapper is the highest- rated bull in this round. He’s been a top-tier bull at this level for a long time. He has a unique style, and it works for him most of the time. He can get any rider down on his head at any time. He will get really low to the ground and turn back on a dime, and most guys flip right over the front as soon as it happens. If it doesn’t work, he’s apt to jump back under the rider as well, and a lot of guys have ridden him because they just gritted it out and managed to stay off his head until he picked them back up. Just about every time we see him get ridden there is some luck involved, because the textbook approach doesn’t apply on Trapper. 

Eduardo Aparecido on 955 Mayday:

If this bull can buck Aparecido off, it will be the biggest upset of the night. Mayday is a huge underdog here. He goes to the right, he only does things riders like. He’s showy enough to produce good scores, but his difficulty level is far too low for him to shake Aparecido without some luck.

Tanner Byrne on 30 Springer Mountain:

There’s not much history on this bull, but just last week Gage Gay was 86 on him to place in a round in Anaheim. Byrne has nodded his head on six straight bulls without bucking off, and he’s got a chance at number seven.

J.B. Mauney on 084 The Don:

This is a pretty intriguing matchup. The Don was in the short round in both Oklahoma City and Anaheim. He wasn’t marked particularly high in Anaheim, partly because he turned back too close and got into the fence. He fouled Cooper Davis in Oklahoma. This bull is very unproven at this level, and he has a tendency to get tangled up coming out of the chutes. The upside is that Mauney could easily be north of 90 points here. This is a bull that can be wild and wooly, and Mauney has tamed many like him. If the bull gets a clean break out of the chute he could be the best bull in this round. Mauney will have to work quite a bit harder than he did last night, but he’s got a shot.

Cody Heffernan on 70 Doc Mosely:

Heffernan said last night he wants to earn some points at this level, and his wish has been granted. All he has to do is stay on this bull, and ride his two scores into the short round. This is the bull Tanner Byrne rode in the short round last week to win the event. He was a little on the light side for a short round bull, but he’s going to be one of the better ones here. He’s likely to spin into Heffernan’s hand as well. 

Wallace de Oliveira on BB88 Woody:

This is a second chance for Oliveira. He had a good bull last night and didn’t close the deal. This is a better one. Woody is a veteran bull that favors right-handed riders, and is ridden in about half his outs at this level. Overall, he throws his man off more than 75 percent of the time, so he’s the kind of bull that rarely gets ridden except when he faces the better riders. He’s not a speed and finesse type bull either — he has a lot of up-and-down and he puts a lot of effort into each jump.

Silvano Alves on 942 Mr. Clark:

Mr. Clark is a journeyman-type bull. He doesn’t draw a lot of attention, but he’s had a pretty long career and he’s been pretty efficient at getting riders on the ground. He’s been ridden just five times by four different riders in 71 career outs. He’s a little like Woody in that he does his work with power rather than speed. Alves didn’t get a score last night, but he may have a shot here. He’s one of the four guys who have ridden Mr. Clark before. They met at the 2014 World Finals. 


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