The morning line: Grand Rapids, day 2


  • Jory Markiss faces Mr. Smooth in Round 2 of the Grand Rapids Invitational on Saturday night.
  • Brendon Clark gets a rematch against Norris.
  • Luke Snyder takes on Plummer Butt after facing the bull two years ago in Milwaukee.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. ― Here is a look at some of the matchups to watch in Round 2 of the Grand Rapids Invitational on Saturday night.

Lachlan Richardson on 521 Who Dat:

Who Dat is as good as a long-round bull gets, and we see him in short rounds fairly often. He's likely to go away from Richardson's hand, but right-handed riders have had success against him as well. Edevaldo Ferreira and Shane Proctor have both taken him past seven seconds this season.

J.B. Mauney on 27 Doggone Bad:

We only have one record on this bull ― from a Touring Pro event in June. Mauney will be a big step up for him ― maybe the biggest step a bull could take. Obviously Mauney needs every point, and this is the kind of situation where he's missed at times this year. He's got to convert on more of the ordinary long-round bulls.

Guilherme Marchi on 15U Electric Prune:

This is definitely one of the best bulls in this round if not the best. Mauney won a round on him in Nashville. He likes to go to the left, but he's been ridden equally as often by right-handed guys, which means he either goes to the right sometimes or he has great timing. Marchi is more than capable of riding him either way.

Brendon Clark on 136 Norris:

Clark will have to pass the concussion test before we'll know if he can compete tonight, but if he can, he's got a decent shot at this bull. He just had him in Oakland a few weeks ago and came down in 6.09 seconds, but Norris has been good to right-handed riders in his career.

Jory Markiss on S84 Mr. Smooth:

Markiss is coming off one of the best rides of his career last night, and the highest score of his career. Not only that, he got the ride on a bull that should only be ridden by World Championship contenders; and Markiss seems headed in the right direction. He's got a bull here that is definitely rideable ― he's been ridden in his last two Built Ford Tough Series outs. If Markiss is going to mature into a serious contender, he's got to dominate the unheralded bulls like this day in and day out.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 83U The Don:

The Don has faced five left-handed riders, and four of them have made the whistle. The top-tier riders have a perfect record against him. Vieira should be heavily favored here. He had a similar matchup last night as a re-ride and came down at 7.93 seconds.

Renato Nunes on 117X Kiss Love Gun:

Stormy Wing posted 87 points on this bull the last time we saw him on tour, and since then, he's been ridden twice at Touring Pro events by two left-handed riders. Nunes is more than competent on bulls that go into his hand, and that's what it looks like will happen here.

Claudio Crisostomo on 525 Die Hard:

Die Hard has a pretty solid record ― especially this season. He's been ridden just once in nine attempts. But, what this bull does is turn back to the left and he's pretty strong. Crisostomo is a strong, left-handed rider, and he should be able to handle this bull.

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Jordan Hupp on 884 Get Western:

Hupp had this bull in Nashville and came down in 7.19 seconds, but he should be the favorite in this matchup. Get Western has been ridden three times in eight career outs, all three times by right-handed riders.

Eduardo Aparecido on T29 Josey Wales:

This bull can go either way, but he is strong whichever way he goes. He's been ridden more often by right-handed riders, and statistically Aparecido has the edge here, but Josey Wales won't make it easy. His bucking style doesn't do a lot to help the rider. Getting a score on him will be a lot of work.

Luke Snyder on 93 Plummer Butt:

Snyder had this bull two years ago in Milwaukee and came down early. But, Plummer Butt has been ridden four times in his last five outs on tour and his only buckoff came against Stormy Wing in Oakland at 7.47 seconds.

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