The morning line: Indianapolis, Day 1


  • A very good pen of bulls awaits the Top 10

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There are a number of new bulls, or bulls with little history out tonight, and when that happens, they often turn out to be pretty good. Five of these belong to D& H Cattle, and they have been rumored to have some outstanding young bulls coming out this year. Most of their bulls tonight will turn 4 years old this season.

Tonight’s short round is absolutely loaded. I’m a Gangster, Chicken on a Chain, and Yellow Jacket Jr. headline a very good pen of bulls that awaits the Top 10.

Round 1 Matchups:

Silvano Alves on 6220 Out of Control:
While most of the matchups I try to cover in the morning line are favorable to the rider, this one is not. Out of Control is unridden in five career outs, so it’s impossible to say how rideable he is. However, there is an excellent chance this bull has met his match tonight. Alves just doesn’t come down.

Valdiron de Oliveira on K88 Bando’s Wild & Wreckless:
This could be the round win. This bull has a slight points edge on most of the known bulls in this round. Some of the new bulls may step up and outscore him, but Oliveira should make the whistle here and get a good score. This is the bull who jerked Travis Briscoe down at Charlottesville, Va., last season when Briscoe was riding right-handed. He should fit right-handed riders pretty well, and he will not be strong enough to manhandle Oliveira.

Guilherme Marchi on H1 Pushing Cotton:
Pushing Cotton has been ridden in his past four appearances, and any bull that happens to doesn’t stand a chance against Marchi.

Ross Coleman on 527 Die Hard:
Coleman rode this bull in Billings, Mont., in 2009 for 83.75 points. Most of the time, the bull is better than that. The pens at Built Ford Tough Series events are as even as they can get, but if you watch closely, you will see some bulls have an off day while others have a short-round-quality performance. It’s impossible to predict when a bull will be better than normal, or have a bad out, and therefore the pens are set on how each bull is supposed to be. Die Hard is a bull riders could be 85 to 89 points on, normally.

Paulo Lima on 530 Gray Squirrel:
This bull is a little bit of a mystery. He started his career as a 3-year-old in 2008 and was ridden once back then, but is unridden in his past 31 outs at rodeos and Touring Pro events, and has seldom been ridden more than a few jumps in that time. He’s earned bull scores of over 45 points many times at rodeos, but that may not translate directly to this level. Most bulls score less here because they are seen in the company of many other bulls who are just as good, and they don’t stand out as much. Whatever happens, Gray Squirrel has an outstanding record and will be worth watching. Lima will likely be the toughest test he’s faced.

Pistol Robinson on 691 Superfreak:
Superfreak has been ridden pretty consistently when he has faced the best riders. He’s also been ridden more often than not by left-handed riders. Good draw for Robinson.

Shane Proctor on 601 Off The Hook:
Off The Hook produced several rides of 87 to 88 points last season, including one for McKennon Wimberly Steven Clark. Proctor could challenge for the round win here.

Reese Cates on K157 Firestorm:
Like Oliveira’s bull, this is another bull who hails from the Katich ranch in the state of Washington. This one has been somewhat inconsistent, although even on a bad day he’s very good. Last July, Firestorm was ridden for 91.5 points by Cody Campbell at a Touring Pro event, and was also ridden for 85 points just three weeks later by Luke Snyder. Either way, he should be good for Cates – half the right-handed riders who have faced him have made the whistle.

Sean Willingham on 6403 Big Easy:
He may not be easy, but he has been ridden in three of six PBR outs. Lima was 87.5 points on him in Greenville, S.C., last season.

Skeeter Kingsolver on 83T Charlie T:
On New Year’s Eve, Charlie T carried Nate Perry to a round-winning 89-point score at a Touring Pro event in Fort Worth, Texas. He also appeared at Greenville, where he threw Shane Proctor off in his only Built Ford Tough Series out.

Josh Koschel on 327 Lucky Toad:
Lucky Toad is a Jerome Davis bull who has been ridden quite a bit in the past year. His career buckoff average is 67 percent, but in his ten most recent outs, it’s more like 30 percent. Koschel has a good chance here to get into the Top 10 and have a chance at the short-go bulls.

Douglas Duncan on 5212 Rusty Zipper:
Rusty Zipper carried Mike Lee to an 89.5 point score in Nashville, Tenn., last August, and more recently, Lima was 86.5 on him in New York. He’s ridden 40 percent of the time by right-handed riders, but has thrown off some good riders as well. This bull can have a lot of action, and can move forward a lot. He’s likely to spin to the right but he isn’t going to settle down and be nice to ride.

Chris Shivers on 540 King Lopez:
In only eight outs, this bull has pretty much run the gauntlet of the world’s best riders and has only been ridden once – by Alves. He is an extremely good bull, averaging close to 44 points per out. He doesn’t have any tricks; he is just going to buck hard. He should fit Shivers well. In fact, Shivers has won literally millions of dollars on bulls just like this.

— by Slade Long
(Slade Long, PBR Web Developer and Statistician, has been crunching the numbers on bucking bulls for 12 years.)

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