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We’ve got eight men who have ridden two bulls, and two of the Top 3 riders in the world standings have each ridden one, while J. B. Mauney is 0-for-2 so far, and 0-for-1 in the bonus round.

So at least half the riders in the short round will probably make it there on two head, but when it comes to winning this event, one rider stands out as the clear favorite, and that is Ryan McConnel.

Round 3 – The Event Leaders

Ednei Caminhas on 4H No Vacancy:
The only history we have on No Vacancy is that he threw off Stormy Wing last night, and received a 42-point bull score. Caminhas, on the other hand, has over 1,000 PBR outings and has ridden better than 40 percent of his bulls.

Ryan McConnel on 655 Segs The Juice:
Whoever draws this bull always makes it into the Morning Line. The fact that McConnel is sitting second in the event after two rounds, and is left-handed, makes this all the better a draw for him. McConnel needs a score and he should get one here. He won’t win the round, but getting three bulls ridden is big.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 643 Hail Damage:
This is another bull with no history other than this event, where he threw off Dustin Elliott in Round 1. Oliveira has been the quiet man in the World Championship race, since there is a large gap between him and the Top 3 riders. However, that gap is getting smaller as of this weekend. Oliveira is one bull ahead of Austin Meier and Renato Nunes, and two ahead of Mauney for this event alone. He needs another score here.

Sean Willingham on K47 Nasty Town:
We talked about Nasty Town before Round 1. He is likely to spin to the left, which is away from Willingham’s hand, but this is a good draw for anyone. Harve Stewart was 86.25 points in the first round here. Willingham bucked off this bull about a year ago in Portland, Ore., in their only meeting.

Silvano Alves on 12 Anchor Man:
Anchor Man is unridden in six outs. He’s faced elite-level riders in four of those outs. Only one guy has ridden him past the 4-second mark, and that is Elliott, who also happens to be the only elite-level, right-handed rider who has tried. Alves is right-handed, so we shall see what he can get done here. Not only should Alves be considered an elite-level rider, but after riding both his bulls so far this weekend, his career numbers are second to none. Silvano Alves is the best rider in the past 10 years to crawl on 75 or more bulls anywhere.

Cody Campbell on 443 Tornado Alley:
This bull has only been to two Touring Pro Division events before appearing here in Round 2. He is unridden in four outs. Skeeter Kingsolver came down from him last night.

Wiley Petersen on 04 Doc Holliday:
Another bull we know little about. His only history is from last night, when he dumped Chris Shivers.

Jason O'Hearn on 62 Goosebumps:
Goosebumps has been around a little bit. He has been ridden only once in four BFTS events, and that was Friday night by Pistol Robinson, who scored 87.5 points.

Round 3 – The World Standings Leaders

Renato Nunes on 100 Soulja Boy:
What about Meier and Mauney? Well, sure they are ahead of Nunes, but they both have new and rather inexperienced bulls. They may get a score tonight, but Nunes wins the round here and gains ground on them no matter what. Nunes and Soulja Boy met for 90.5 points in Pueblo, Colo.

— by Slade Long
(Slade Long, PBR Web Developer and Statistician, has been crunching the numbers on bucking bulls for 11 years.)

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