Competition Overview



Global Cup will be a 14 vs 7 man format with the host country having the advantage. Five (5) teams will compete representing the following countries with the corresponding amount of riders for each:

Australia –     14 + 1 Alternate

Brazil –           7 + 1 Alternate

Canada –       7 + 1 Alternate

Mexico –        7 + 1 Alternate

USA –             7 + 1 Alternate



In order to qualify for the Global Cup riders from visiting territories must have a current PBR World Membership and they must be in good standing with the PBR.  Riders from the host country (AUS) must have a current PBR Australian National Membership or PBR World Membership and they must be in good standing with the PBR.  The rider must be a citizen of the country they are representing – with the exception of Mexico (any Spanish speaking country) or Australia (New Zealand). If a rider is a dual citizen of 2 territories represented at Global Cup that rider must choose which territory they will represent and qualify for prior to the qualification cutoff dates and cannot switch teams.


World Standings – 3 Positions (All Countries)

  • Qualifiers for the 2018 Professional Bull Riders, LLC (“PBR”) Global Cup shall be the top 3 PBR riders from each corresponding country based on the World Standings as of the end of the 2017 season.


Coach & Alternate Pick – March 19, 2018

  • All remaining positions on the team will be chosen by the team coach.  The coach will also select 1 rider to serve as an alternate that will participate in the event in case of injury to an existing qualified rider at the event. These positions must be filled by a PBR Rider with the criteria cited above.


  • Coaches for visiting teams (USA, BR, CAN & MX) must submit their remaining team members no later than March 19, 2018.


  • Australia remaining team members must be submitted by the team coach no later than June 3, 2018.


  • If any rider must be replaced prior to the Global Cup event the coach will pick the rider who replaces that rider.




All teams are required to attend all mandatory events listed on the Rider Agenda that will be provided to you prior to the event.




  • Once the 2018 Global Cup competition has started; substitutions can be made by PBR Administration allowing alternates to ride.   Alternates are eligible for event money if they compete,


  • PBR Medical Team Decision:  In the event that the PBR medical team determines that a rider is medically unfit (at increased risk of or potentially so for catastrophic injury) for competition during any round of the Global Cup, the rider will NOT be allowed to compete in subsequent rounds of the event.  To be clear, this applies to situations in which the athlete is withheld from competition by the medical staff regardless of his desire to compete and includes, but is not limited to, concussions, spinal (neck and back) injuries, chest and abdominal injuries, and any injury requiring further evaluation off-site prior to determining the athlete's status. That rider is eligible for event placement money.


  • Rider Decision:  In the event that a rider withdraws himself from competition in any round due to an injury that does not prevent him from being able to compete on the basis of being medically unfit as described above, that rider will not be eligible to compete in the subsequent round in the Global Cup.  PBR's medical team will inform the rider that they will not be eligible to return to competition in the subsequent round at the Global Cup. That rider is eligible for event placement money.


  • Rider TO – Decline to compete:  In the event that a rider withdraws himself from competition in any round simply because he no longer wants to compete, that rider will not be eligible to compete in the subsequent rounds.  That rider is NOT eligible for round money or team money.


  • If a rider is injured and unable to compete, that rider will be replaced by the alternate or, in the case that the alternate has already been used, the coach for that country will determine which rider within his team will ride in the injured rider’s place only.  Any score attained by the substituted rider will be assigned to that rider and not the injured rider for scoring purposes.


  • In the instance a rider is injured to the point where he cannot compete further and is offered a re ride the alternate for the team (or another rider from the team if the alternate has already been used) will be allowed to take the re ride for the injured rider.  The injured rider will not be allowed to compete in the remainder of the competition.  That injured rider is eligible for event placement money.


  • Once a rider has been replaced by an alternate or other rider already on the team that injured rider is out of the competition for the remainder of the event. Injured riders are still eligible for team, round and average money.


  • If more than 1 rider is no longer in competition either due to injury or TO and the alternate is already competing, another member of the team has the option of getting on additional bulls to take their place. The team will not be penalized if all team members decline to take the additional spots. If an entire team declines to get on any bulls in any particular round, that team will forfeit the competition and all of the monies associated with it.


4.    Payout & Points

No Points will be awarded during the Global Cup

The winning team members who competed will each receive an equal share of the total prize money.  There will be no individual entry fees or insurance fees.

ALL money won is reflected in AUSTRALIAN funds.

The prize money will be paid out the week following the event.


The prize money will be broken down as follows:

Global Cup Payout

Overall Winning Team



 $     400,000

2nd Place Team

 $       75,000

3rd Place Team

 $       65,000

4th Place Team

 $       55,000

5th Place Team



 $       45,000

Aggregate Individual Payout


Top Rider

 $       30,000

Round Payouts – detailed below



 $       25,500

Bonus Round Payouts



 $       20,000

Alternate Rider Payout

 $          7,500



 $     750,000

Global Cup Long-Go Round Payouts




Round 1 & Round 2 Each



 $          4,000



 $          3,000



 $          2,000



 $          1,500



 $          1,000



 $             750



 $             500




 $       12,750

 Global Cup Bonus Round Payouts


Bonus Rounds 1 & 2 Each



 $       10,000

Winner take all aggregate from both scores combined – taken back to the team


Alternate Rider Payout:

In the case the alternate is not used for competition they will be awarded $1,500 compensation:

If the alternate does participate he will be included in the team winnings to be divided evenly and the original alternate pay will go towards that team to be divided amongst all members evenly.


Each Team Coach will receive prize money depending on the final placement of their team:

1st Place Coach        $ 13,000

2nd Place Coach       $ 5,000          

3rd Place Coach       $ 4,000

4th Place Coach       $ 3,000

5th Place Coach       $ 2,000


Individual rider bonus will go to the individual rider with the highest total score based on up to 4 rides at the end of the event including bonus rounds:

Individual bonus: 1st - $30,000


For any Global Cup round, if there are fewer qualified rides than the number of places to be awarded, the remaining money will be split evenly amongst those with qualified rides as ground money. In the instance that there are no qualified rides in any round that money will be paid in the average evenly distributed as ground money amongst all of the teams.




International Teams and Coaches:


The teams participating along with their coaches are as follow:


  1. Australia – Coach: Troy Dunn
  2. Brazil – Coach: Renato Nunes
  3. Canada – Coach: Aaron Roy
  4. Mexico – Coach: Gerardo Venegas
  5. USA  – Coach: Justin McBride



Global Cup Team Competition


Bulls will be assigned to sections for the following day once the night’s performance is complete, once bulls are assigned to each section / team the coach will assign riders to bulls drawn for their team and must provide the assigned draws for his team by 11:00pm that night. Once submitted the assigned draws cannot be altered. If a bull is taken off the list due to injury or inability to compete the rider assigned to that bull will get on the 1st re-ride option for that round.


Buck order for all rounds will be set the week of the event.


Long-Go Day 1:

The long go for day 1 will have one member from each visiting country ride in each section, the host country will have 2 riders from their team compete in each section. 


Long-Go Day 2:

On Day 2 the host team (AUS) will lose 4 outs; they will have 10 outs vs. the visiting territories’ 7 outs, the Australian team coach will determine who from Team Australia will /will not ride in this round.  Four sections will have 1 ride from each territory while three sections will have 2 rides from the host territory and 1 each from the visiting territories.

The 4 riders no longer competing in the Long Go on day 2 are still eligible for the Bonus Round on day 2 should their coach choose them to ride.



Bonus Rounds 1 & 2:

Bonus rounds will be split into 2 groups; “A” & “B”, one rider from each country will buck in each group. 


The highest cumulative team score from both rides combined will be the round winners taking all of the round money. All scores can count towards team aggregate regardless of placing in the round. Bonus Round Money to be split evenly amongst that team that wins the round.



Bonus Rounds:

“Snake” Draft

  • The 10 Bonus Round bulls will be provided to all teams along with the Long Go bulls the night before the performance, the bulls will be split into 2 groups of 5. During the intermission between the Long Go round and the Bonus round the Bonus bulls will be displayed on the screen within the arena. The Coach from the leading team will approach the stage first and give his first bull pick from the first group of 5 bulls and assign a rider from his team to that bull. The order of coaches will go in order from leading team down to lowest scoring team. After all five coaches have selected their 1st pick – they will go again to select their 2nd pick in the reverse order from the second group of 5 bulls; the team currently in 1st place will have the first and last (10th) picks, the team currently in last place will have the 5th and 6th picks.


  • For the duration of the Global Cup competition, each riders score will count toward the Team Aggregate. At the end of competition, the Team with the highest aggregate score based on their highest 12 scores in all rounds over both days of Global Cup competition will be the winner.


  • Team riders WILL be allowed to compete on the same bull multiple times if deemed necessary by the Team Coaches.


Tie – Breaker


  • Event Winner: In the event of a tie for the winning team position there will be one more bull drawn for each of those teams.  The coach will pick who from his team will ride in that round and the team with the highest score after that round will be the event winner. 


  • In the case that both riders in this round buck off the winner will be determined based off of buck off time with the highest buck off time being the winner.


  • If 2 or more teams are tied for any other position in the final accumulated scores the tied teams will remain tied and split the prize money evenly. 




  • Five (5) judges shall be used (one from each competing territory). Two (2) judges shall be on the back of the chutes, three (3) in the arena. All five judges are to carry stopwatches.  The back judge will be the prevailing watch with the latch side judge in the arena being the first backup watch. Judges’ positions will be determined prior to the first go-round.


  • One of the 5 Judges will be designated as the official replay judge of the Global Cup.


  • It takes one (1) judge to award a re-ride.  It takes one (1) judge to call a slap.  All five (5) judges will mark each ride.


  • The scores of all five judges will be added and the total will be divided by 5 and multiplied by 2 to get the final score. The score will be rounded to the closest quarter point.


  • Once a score is entered by a judge into the judging pad and approved/released by the event secretary, THAT SCORE IS FINAL.


  • Judges shall help stock contractors and the livestock superintendent inspect bulls two (2) hours prior to each Global Cup performance.




Excessive time in the chute will be governed in accordance with the official PBR Rulebook including the following:


  1. If a rider is disqualified for excessive time in the chute, but the chute was opened and the rider completed an 8 second ride, that ride shall be subject to automatic video review.
  2. If a rider is disqualified to excessive time in the chute that disqualification applies to that specific ride only and not the competition as a whole. The team will not be allowed to take an additional ride to make up for the missed score.




If the judge determines, in his sole discretion, that a rider is mistreating the bull in the chute in any way, the judge may disqualify that bull rider from the entire competition without warning.  Such disqualification is not subject to any time constraints or “On the Clock” warning.



These rules and guidelines may be amended and revised from time to time based on the logistics of implementation, effects on TV programming, delays to events, and other practical logistics learned as these rules and procedures are implemented.


  • Instant replay could be a useful device to allow judges, including a newly appointed instant replay judge, to view a ride from several different angles and with slow motion.  Where available, super slow motion may also be a useful tool.


  • The Coach, rider, any judge, or other riders may call for an Instant Replay Ruling Challenge (“IRRC”) after a ruling is made. 


  • A rider may call for an IRRC on his own ride only immediately after his ride but not after he leaves the arena.  He may do so by sounding a horn or available device to be located at both rider out-gates and perhaps elsewhere.  He will have 30 seconds to sound the IRRC horn or device (or until a red light is lit above or near the horn.  If there is no red light, until a IRRC clock hits 30 seconds, if there is no clock, until the judge’s stop watch reaches 30 seconds (after the completion of a ride).   If a rider is injured and is reasonably unable to get to the IRRC horn in time, he may signal a judge for an IRRC by a motion of pulling a cord that would sound a horn on a semi-truck.  If there is no horn at an event or if it is not functioning, it shall be the rider’s sole responsibility to alert the judges with the appropriate motion and confirmation for an IRRC.


  • Other riders may instigate an IRRC on rides of others, also by sounding the horn within the 30 second time limit after the completion of a ride.  A rider sounding the horn must immediately make it known that he is the one requesting an IRRC on another rider by waving his arms and pointing to himself.  If that is not done, or if it is not clear who requested the IRRC, no IRRC will be effectuated as determined by any Judge.


  • If a rider calls for an Instant Replay Ruling Challenge (IRRC) for his own ride, and if the instant replay judge upholds the original ruling, that rider will be charged $500 for calling for the IRRC.  If the replay leads to an inconclusive result, the original ruling will stand and there will be no charge to that rider.  If the ruling is overturned by the Instant Replay Judge, the rider will not receive any charge.


  • If another rider calls for an IRRC on different rider, and the original judge’s ruling is upheld after the replay, the other rider calling for the IRRC will be charged $500.  There will be no charge to that other rider requesting the IRRC, if the ruling is overturned by the replay ruling or the result is inconclusive.


  • Scores are not subject to an IRRC.   Only challenges pertaining to reaching 8 seconds (or not), disqualifications (or not) pertaining to slapping or touching the bull with free hand or arm, fouls or catching spurs in bull rope or knots, are matters that are subject to an IRRC.  


9.    STOCK


  • The PBR Australia Personnel along with the PBR Livestock Director will select stock for the 2018 PBR Global Cup.  All re rides will be set by PBR Australia Personnel at the time of the draw for each go-round.


  • No hotshots shall be allowed on the chutes.  If a stock contractor is found to have a hot shot on the chutes they shall be subject to a fine and/or suspension to be determined by the Executive Competition Committee.       


  • Flank men are not allowed to touch any bull with any foreign object. This will include pens, wire, pencils, keys, golf tees, nails, cell phones, etc.


  • NO foreign objects are allowed in or on flank including, zip ties, wire, pens, pencils, keys, golf tees, nails, etc.  MAJOR disciplinary action will be taken if any offense occurs.


  • Flank men are not allowed to grab bull’s tail once the bull has entered the chute unless requested by chute boss and or judge.


  • Horns shall be tipped at least two (2) weeks prior to competition per the Livestock Director and PBR Judges’ discretion. Any bulls whose horns are not adequately tipped, will be taken out of the draw or tipped at a charge of $250 per horn to the stock contractor.


  • At all times during the Global Cup competition, there shall be no more than one (1) owner representative and one (1) flank man from each participating stock contractor allowed to be on or around the back of the chutes, and only during the section their bulls are competing.  




  • All Teams including Coaches must wear the provided Team Uniforms for the entirety of the event or their team will forfeit the event.


  • PBR will provide each team with corresponding uniforms that must be worn at all times during competition. PBR will provide Jerseys and chaps. Riders and coaches cannot have any personal sponsors on their person.


  • Gloves and all other riding equipment must be provided by the rider, with no sponsors allowed on them. 

  • Rider can use their own helmet as long as it does not have sponsors on it. In the case that a rider cannot remove sponsors from their helmet PBR will make helmets available for riders to use in order to compete.




Team coaches and competitors must behave in a manner expected of a coach and professional athlete as it pertains to behavior or actions towards the event judges, stock contractors, contestants or any personnel involved with the event.  Any instances involved with any of the team coaches or competitors that is deemed unsportsmanlike, that person will be removed from the venue and the team is subject to disqua