Carlos Trejo

Carlos Trejo

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownMonterrey NL
Weight171 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs70
  • Streak-6
  • Points0
  • Rides22
  • Money Earned$6k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %31
  • Event Wins1
2020PWVTJanuary 17Baltimore, MDVelocityBALTIMORE INVITATIONAL-0.00$0
2019PBR-MXNovember 16Zacatecas, ZACTPD-MXPBR Mexico Challenge Zacatecas-0.00$0
2019UTBSeptember 06Anaheim, CAClassicANAHEIM INVITATIONAL-0.00$0
2019PBR-MXAugust 24San Luis Potosí, SLPTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD San Luis Potosi-0.00$0
2019PBR-MXAugust 17Cd. Juarez, ChihTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD CD Juarez-0.00$0
2019PBR-MXAugust 17Cd. Juarez, ChihTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD CD Juarez1335.00$1,198
2019PBR-MXAugust 10Chihuahua, CHTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD Chihuahua-0.00$0
2019PBR-MXAugust 10Chihuahua, CHTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD Chihuahua2195.00$1,144
2019PBR-MXAugust 03Torreón, CoahTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD Torreon90.00$0
2019PBR-MXJune 15Leon, GTOTPD-MXPBR Mexico TPD85.00$0
2019PBR-MXApril 13Texcoco, MexicoTPD-MXTexcoco TPD582.50$267
2019PBR-MXFebruary 16San Luis de la Paz, GJTPD-MXSan Luis de La Paz MX-0.00$0
2019TPD-USJanuary 04Fort Worth, TXTPD-USFt. Worth, TX PBR Cowtown Classic-0.00$0
2018PBR-MXOctober 27Aguascalientes, AGUTPD-MXAguascalientes-0.00$0
2018PBR-MXSeptember 07Zacatecas, ZACTPD-MXZacatecas TPD495.00$289
2018PBR-MXSeptember 02Chihuahua, CHTPD-MXChihuahua TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-MXAugust 25San Luis Potosí, SLPTPD-MXSan Luis Potosi TPD-0.00$0
2018TPD-USJune 30Rocksprings, TXTPD-USRocksprings, TX Slick Rock Challenge Day 2-0.00$0
2018TPD-USJune 29Rocksprings, TXTPD-USRocksprings, TX Slick Rock Challenge Day 1-0.00$0
2018TPD-USJune 16Vinita, OKTPD-USVinita, OK Henson Manufacturing PBR-0.00$0
2018TPD-USJune 02Decatur, TXTPD-USJW Hart PBR Challenge-0.00$0
2018TPD-USMay 11Uvalde, TXTPD-USCactus Jack PBR Bull Riding-0.00$0
2018TPD-USMay 05Batesville, MSTPD-USThe Ultimate Challenge PBR Shootout70.00$267
2018TPD-USMarch 30Perkins, OKTPD-USPerkins, OK Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma PBR Touring Pro Division-0.00$0
2018TPD-USMarch 24Stephenville, TXTPD-USStephenville, TX ABBI Spring Fling-0.00$0
2018PBR-MXMarch 17Texcoco, MexicoTPD-MXTexcoco TPD-0.00$0
2018TPD-USMarch 10Texarkana, ARTPD-USFour States PBR Shootout Texarkana, AR PBR Touring Pro-0.00$0
2018PBR-MXFebruary 17San Luis de la Paz, GJTPD-MXSan Luis de la Paz TPD-0.00$0
2017PBR-MXNovember 04Monterrey, NLTPD-MXMonterrey Challenge-0.00$0
2017PBR-MXAugust 19San Luis Potosí, SLPTPD-MXSan Luis Potosi Challenge-0.00$0
2017PBR-MXApril 29Aguascalientes, AGUTPD-MXAguascalientes Mexico TPD-0.00$0
2017PBR-MXApril 01Texcoco, MexicoTPD-MXTexcoco, Mexico-0.00$0
2016PBR-MXSeptember 03Zacatecas, ZACTPD-MXLucas Oil Challenge Zacatecas-0.00$0
2016PBR-MXAugust 20San Luis Potosí, SLPCUP-MXPBR Lucas Oil Challenge Tour-0.00$0
2016PBR-MXAugust 13Leon, GTOTPD-MXLeon, Guanajuato PBR Lucas Oil Challenge Tour-0.00$0
2016PBR-MXJune 11Irapuato, GuanajuatoTPD-MXPBR Mexico Irapuato230.00$863
2016PBR-MXMay 28Zacatecas, ZACTPD-MXPBR Mexico Zacatecas-0.00$0
2016PBR-MXApril 21Aguascalientes, AGUTPD-MXAguascalientes PBR Mexico80.00$0
2016PBR-MXApril 16Morelia, MICTPD-MXMorelia PBR Mexico65.00$201
2016PBR-MXOctober 16Guadalajara, JaliscoTPD-MXGuadalajara Jalisco-0.00$0
2015PBR-MXSeptember 26Monterrey, NLTPD-MXMonterrey NL PBR Mexico-0.00$0
2015PBR-MXAugust 08San Luis Potosí, SLPTPD-MXPBR Mexico Luis Potosi-0.00$0
2015PBR-MXFebruary 14Querétaro, QROTPD-MXChallenge Tour - Queretaro215.00$812
2015PBR-MXJanuary 31San Luis Potosí, SLPTPD-MX8 Segundos PBR Mexico San Luis Potosi-0.00$0
2014PBR-MXSeptember 27Monterrey, NLTPD-MXPBR Mexico en Monterrey777.00$0
2014PBR-MXNovember 17Saltillo, CoahTPD-MX[14-208] Super Bull PBR Anual Internacional479.50$247
2013PBR-MXSeptember 21Zacatecas, ZACCUP-MX[13-105] PBR Mexico Tour en Zacatecas482.00$367
2013PBR-MXMay 04Castaños, CoahTPD-MX[13-202] PBR Mexico en Castanos Coah567.00$120
2013PBR-MXApril 21Saltillo, CoahTPD-MX[13-201] PBR575.00$127
2007PBR-MXNovember 10Monterrey, NLCUP-MX[07-401] Finales-73.00$0
2007PBR-MXOctober 20Zacatecas, ZACTPD-MX[07-207] Zacatecas, ZAC575.00$268
2007PBR-MXOctober 06Juarez, CHIHTPD-MX[07-208] Juarez, CHIH--$0
2007PBR-MXJune 24Saltillo, CoahTPD-MX[07-203] Saltillo, COA880.00$112