Garrett Green

Garrett Green

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownMeeting Creek, AB
Weight155 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs188
  • Streak3
  • Points0
  • Rides95
  • Money Earned$104k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %50
  • Event Wins12
2023PBR-CAMarch 03Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAPBR South Country Co-op Showdown288.00$3,120
2023PBR-CAFebruary 04Red Deer, ABTPD-CAPBR Cross Country Canada Classic613.00$417
2022PBR-CANovember 11Edmonton, ABFinals-CAPBR Canada Finals presented by Command Tubular387.00$12,067
2022PBR-CASeptember 24Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAPBR South County CO-OP Showdown-0.00$0
2022PBR-CASeptember 23Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAPBR South County CO-OP Showdown514.00$602
2022PBR-CAAugust 19Winfeild, AB TPD-CAPBR Winfield-0.00$0
2022PBR-CAAugust 19Winfeild, AB TPD-CAPBR Winfield47.00$953
2022PBR-CAAugust 12Marwayne, ABTPD-CA10th Annual Marwayne PBR Presented by: Garnier Custom Silaging-0.00$0
2022PBR-CAAugust 11Tofield, ABTPD-CATofield Bull Bash313.00$1,158
2022PBR-CAAugust 11Tofield, ABTPD-CATofield Bull Bash46.50$714
2022PBR-CAAugust 05Coronation, ABTPD-CARoyal Rumbull-0.00$0
2022PBR-CAAugust 05Coronation, ABTPD-CARoyal Rumbull47.00$995
2022PBR-CAAugust 04Magrath, ABTPD-CACelebration for the 2 Bit Nation 80.00$154
2022PBR-CAJuly 30Lacombe, ABTPD-CALacombe Pro Bull Riding39.00$1,309
2022PBR-CAJune 11Red Deer, ABCUP-CAPBR Red Deer Classic -0.00$0
2022PBR-CAJune 09Meadow Lake, SKTPD-CAEagle Creek GM PBR Classic80.00$90
2022PBR-CAMay 27Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAClunie/Cooper Memorial Presented by Riverside Dodge58.00$877
2022PBR-CAMay 14Camrose, ABTPD-CAThe Rose City Invitational -0.00$0
2022PBR-CADecember 04Lloydminster, SKTPD-CALloydminster PBR Winter Classic64.00$335
2021PBR-CANovember 12Edmonton, ABFinals-CAPBR Canada National Finals117.00$373
2021PBR-CAOctober 23Calgary, ABCUP-CAPBR Pendleton Whisky Classic-0.00$0
2021PBR-CAOctober 16Medicine Hat, ABCUP-CAPBR Thunderbuck in the Badlands615.00$501
2021PBR-CAOctober 01Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAPBR Grande Prairie BuckWild105.00$0
2021PBR-CASeptember 04Ponoka, ABTPD-CAWild West PBR311.00$1,223
2021PBR-CAAugust 27Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAPBR Challenge358.00$1,436
2021PBR-CAJuly 23Czar, ABTPD-CACzar Lake Bullarama-0.00$0
2021PBR-CAJuly 03Cluny, ABTPD-CACluny Charity PBR Day 2125.00$1,565
2021PBR-CAJuly 02Cluny, ABTPD-CACluny Charity PBR Day 1-0.00$0
2020PBR-CANovember 06Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAGrande Prairie, AB Event 2-0.00$0
2020PBR-CANovember 05Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAGrande Prairie, AB Event 186.50$79
2020PBR-CAAugust 22Stavely, ABTPD-CAGlen Keeley Memorial71.00$162
2020PBR-CAJuly 23Lethbridge, ABCUP-CALethbridge Monster Energy Tour Event 1 -0.00$0
2020PBR-CAJuly 23Lethbridge, ABCUP-CALethbridge Monster Energy Tour Event 2180.00$2,599
2020PBR-CAMarch 06Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour- Lethbridge, AB-0.00$0
2020PBR-CAMarch 06Lethbridge, ABCUP-CA5 v. 5 Lethbridge115.00$2,075
2020PBR-CAJanuary 24Calgary, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour- Calgary, AB280.00$3,566
2020PBR-CAJanuary 24Calgary, ABCUP-CAPBR Canada 5 vs 5-0.00$0
2019PBR-CANovember 22Saskatoon, SKFinals-CAMonster Energy Tour - Saskatoon, SK1487.50$84
2019PBR-CAOctober 26Edmonton, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Edmonton, AB120.00$0
2019PBR-CAOctober 19Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Abbotsford, BC 1530.00$4,752
2019PBR-CAAugust 10Elnora, ABTPD-CAElnora, AB1310.00$2,750
2019PBR-CAJuly 05Calgary, ABTPD-CA2019 Calgary Stampede160.00$8,296
2019PBR-CAApril 06Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne, AB-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 22Calgary, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Calgary, AB 145.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 09Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeepee Creek TPD3137.50$1,100
2019PBR-CAMarch 01Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Lethbridge, AB3235.00$3,037
2019PBR-CAJanuary 26Winnipeg, MBCUP-CAWinnipeg, MB Canadian Cup3183.75$3,025
2018PBR-CANovember 23Saskatoon, SK FinalsFinals-CASaskatoon SK National Finals1318.33$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 07Kelowna, BCCUP-CAKelowna Monster Cup-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJune 09Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CAMoose Jaw, SK TPD1275.00$2,688
2018PBR-CAMay 04Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMarch 10Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeePee Creek AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMarch 02Lethbridge, ABTPD-CALethbridge AB TPD1275.00$4,514
2018PBR-CAMarch 02Lethbridge, ABTPD-CALethbridge AB TPD90.00$0
2017PBR-CAOctober 14Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAAbbotsford CUP event662.50$685
2017PBR-CASeptember 02Stavely, ABTPD-CAStavely AB130.00$0
2017PBR-CAJune 23Ponoka, ABTPD-CAPonoka PBR-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJune 02Quebec City, QCCUP-CAQuebec Monster Energy CUP INTL Major-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 27Swift Current, SKTPD-CASwift Current SK-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 05Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 05Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK492.50$978
2017PBR-CAApril 08Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne AB1305.00$2,871
2017PBR-CAMarch 11Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeepee Creek, AB730.00$143
2017PBR-CAMarch 03Lethbridge, ABTPD-CAPBR Challenge at Lethbridge-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAOctober 14Saskatoon, SKCUP-CASaskatoon, SK Monster Energy Canada-0.00$0
2016PBR-CASeptember 24Calgary, ABCUP-CACalgary, AB Monster Energy Canada70.00$386
2016PBR-CASeptember 17Winnipeg, MBCUP-CAWinnipeg, MB Monster Energy Canada Tour515.00$993
2016PBR-CAJuly 22Czar Lake, ABTPD-CACzar Lake Bullarama130.00$0
2016PBR-CAJuly 01Edgerton, ABTPD-CAEdgerton, AB PBR Canada TPD90.00$0
2016PBR-CAJune 25Ponoka, ABTPD-CAPonoka Stampede Ride Rock225.00$3,305
2016PBR-CAJune 08Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary, AB Global Petroleum Calgary-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAJune 03Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CAMoose Jaw, SK PBR Challenge-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAJune 03Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CAMoose Jaw, SK PBR Challenge160.00$4,863
2016PBR-CAMay 28Swift Current, SKTPD-CASwift Current,SK PBR-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAMay 22Edson, ABTPD-CAEdson, AB PBR-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAMay 13Nipawin, SKTPD-CANipawin Runa PBR65.00$356
2016PBR-CAMay 07Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert SK Day 2-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAMay 06Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK 19 Day 1-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAApril 16Tofield, ABTPD-CATofield,AB PBR TPD-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAApril 15Lamont, ABTPD-CALamont, AB-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAApril 09Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne, AB PBR65.00$137
2016PBR-CAApril 08Delburne, ABTPD-CADelburne AB PBR CTP-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAMarch 04Lethbridge, ABTPD-CA2016 PBR Challenge in Lethbridge-0.00$0
2016PBR-CAMarch 04Lethbridge, ABTPD-CA2016 PBR Challenge in Lethbridge160.00$3,734
2016PBR-CAFebruary 20Red Deer, ABTPD-CARed Deer, AB - Rebel Energy Services160.00$2,487
2015PBR-CANovember 20Saskatoon, SK FinalsFinals-CACanada National Finals - Saskatoon-0.00$0
2015PBR-CASeptember 05Stavely, ABTPD-CAGlen Keeley Memorial Stavely AB90.00$0
2015PBR-CAJuly 02Calgary, ABTPD-CAPackers Plus PBR Bullbustin in support of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center412.50$772
2015PBR-CAJune 30Calgary, ABTPD-CARanchman's Renegade's Charity Bull Bustin65.00$463
2015PBR-CAJune 24Ponoka, ABTPD-CAJace Harty Memorial Ponoka90.00$488
2015PBR-CAJune 12Wanham, ABTPD-CAWanham, AB TPD100.00$0
2015PBR-CAJune 10Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary AB 3D Bullriding-0.00$0
2015PBR-CAMay 30Merritt, BCTPD-CATy Pozzobon Invitational Merritt BC320.00$1,778
2015PBR-CAMay 23Swift Current, SKTPD-CASwift Current SK PBR Canada-0.00$0
2015PBR-CAApril 11Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne PBR in Marwayne70.00$476
2015PBR-CAFebruary 21Red Deer, ABTPD-CARebel Energy Services - Red Deer PBR 160.00$6,140
2014PBR-CAJune 24Ponoka, ABTPD-CAPonoka Stampede presents the Jace Harty Memorial Bull Riding--$0
2014PBR-CAJune 19Hillmond, SKTPD-CAWade Redden PBR Challenge Presented by Crudemaster Transport Inc583.50$575
2014TPD-USMay 02Prince Albert, SKTPD-US[14-705] Prince Albert, SK--$0
2014PBR-CAApril 04Marwayne, ABTPD-CA3rd Annual Marwayne PBR1477.00$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 28Lethbridge, ABTPD-US[14-701] Lethbridge, AB--$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 15San Antonio, TXTPD-US[14-230] San Antonio 2/15, TX-0.00$0
2014TPD-USNovember 23High River, ABTPD-US[14-700] High River, AB--$0
2014PBR-CANovember 23High River, ABTPD-CAHigh River PBR1279.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 15Wanham, ABTPD-US[12-713] Wanham, AB-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAJune 15Wanham, ABTPD-CAWanham Bull Riding Extravaganza-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 31Asquith, SKTPD-US[12-712] Asquith, SK-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAMay 31Asquith, SKTPD-CAAaron Roy PBR Invitational-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 26Swift Current, SKTPD-US[12-711] Swift Current, SK-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAMay 26Swift Current, SKTPD-CASwift Current Cody Snyder PBR Invitational782.50$202
2012TPD-USApril 27Marwayne, ABTPD-US[12-710] Marwayne, AB-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAApril 27Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne AB Touring Pro-0.00$0
2012TPD-USApril 06Prince Albert, SKTPD-US[12-709] Prince Albert, SK-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAApril 06Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAClunie-Cooper Memorial386.00$2,299
2012TPD-USMarch 31Montreal, QCTPD-US[12-708] Montreal, QC-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAMarch 31Montreal, QCCUP-CAMontreal Invitational-0.00$247
2012TPD-USMarch 24London, ONTPD-US[12-707] London, ON-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAMarch 24London, ONCUP-CALondon Invitational-0.00$198
2012TPD-USFebruary 24Abbotsford, BCTPD-US[12-705] Abbotsford, BC-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAFebruary 24Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAAbbotsford Invitational2570.50$198
2012TPD-USFebruary 18Edmonton, ABTPD-US[12-704] Edmonton, AB-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAFebruary 18Edmonton, ABCUP-CAEdmonton Invitational-0.00$0
2012TPD-USFebruary 17Vermilion, ABTPD-US[12-703] Vermillion, AB-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAFebruary 17Vermilion, ABTPD-CALakeland College PBR Canada Bullriding-0.00$0
2012TPD-USFebruary 11Winnipeg, MBTPD-US[12-702] Winnipeg, ON-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 14Ottawa, ONTPD-US[12-701] Ottawa, ON-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAJanuary 14Ottawa, ONCUP-CAOttawa Invitational480.00$2,444
2012PBR-CADecember 31Ponoka, ABTPD-CA8 Second Countdown-0.00$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 05Yakima, WATPD-US[11-227] Yakima, WA--$0