Douglas Lino de Souza

Douglas Lino de Souza

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownMorro Agundo, SP
Weight154 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs194
  • Streak-11
  • Points0
  • Rides93
  • Money Earned$24k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %47
  • Event Wins2
2023TPD-USDecember 30Fort Worth, TXTPD-USCowtown PBR-0.00$0
2023PWVTNovember 19Fort Worth, TXVelocityOuncie Mitchell Memorial-0.00$0
2022CHLGOctober 22Tyler, TXCHLGRobson Palermo Invitational PBR-0.00$0
2022CHLGOctober 15Llano, TXCHLGLlano PBR-0.00$0
2022CHLGOctober 14Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Challenger Series at Cowtown Coliseum-0.00$0
2022CHLGSeptember 17Lewisville, TXCHLGPBR Lewisville Presented by Zimmerer Kubota115.00$3,490
2022CHLGAugust 21Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Sunday at Cowtown-0.00$0
2022CHLGAugust 19Lamar, MOCHLGLamar PBR-0.00$0
2022CHLGJuly 17Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Sunday at Cowtown-0.00$0
2022CHLGJuly 15Springdale, ARCHLGBuckin' In The Ozarks-0.00$0
2022CHLGJuly 15Springdale, ARCHLGBuckin' In The Ozarks120.00$0
2022CHLGJuly 10Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Sunday at Cowtown-0.00$0
2022CHLGJuly 09Amarillo, TXCHLGKoben Puckett PBR110.00$0
2022CHLGJune 26Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Sunday at Cowtown-0.00$0
2022CHLGJune 24Rocksprings, TXCHLGSlick Rock Challenge Day 1-0.00$0
2022CHLGJune 19Fort Worth, TXCHLGPBR Sunday at Cowtown-0.00$0
2019PWVTFebruary 02Grand Rapids, MIVelocityGRAND RAPIDS CLASSIC-0.00$0
2019PWVTJanuary 25Youngstown, OHVelocityYOUNGSTOWN INVITATIONAL-0.00$0
2019PWVTJanuary 19Columbia, SCVelocityCAROLINA CLASSIC80.00$93
2017TPD-USAugust 05Amarillo, TXTPD-USAmarillo, TX Koben Pucket Invitational Touring Pro Division80.00$163
2017PBR-BRSeptember 23Jaguariúna, SPTPD-BRJaguariuna - SP170.00$0
2016PBR-BRAugust 18Barretos, SPTPD-BRBarretos - SP130.00$0
2016PBR-BRAugust 11Sete Lagoas, MGTPD-BRSete Lagoas, MG160.00$0
2016PBR-BRJuly 27Catalao, GOTPD-BRCatalao - GO220.00$0
2016PBR-BRJuly 21São José do Rio Preto, SPTPD-BRRio Preto Country Bull 2016170.00$0
2016PBR-BRJune 30Mineiros, GOTPD-BRMineiros - GO515.00$429
2016PBR-BRJune 17Americana, SPCUP-BRAmericana Master-0.00$0
2016PBR-BRJune 10Americana, SPTPD-BRAmericana515.00$363
2016PBR-BRJune 02Divinópolis, MGCUP-BRDivinopolis270.00$0
2016PBR-BRMay 13Goiânia, GOCUP-BRGoiânia, GO140.00$0
2016PBR-BRApril 29Colatina, ESTPD-BRColatina, ES-0.00$0
2016PBR-BRApril 15Londrina, PRCUP-BRLondrina170.00$0
2016PBR-BRMarch 31Nhandeara, SPTPD-BRNhandeara320.00$343
2016BDVTDecember 06Cincinnati, OHVelocityCincinnati, OH BlueDEF Tour-0.00$0
2016TPD-USDecember 05San Antonio, TXTPD-USCowboys Dance Hall Luke Snyder Invitational-0.00$0
2016BDVTNovember 21Bakersfield, CAVelocityBakersfield, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour150.00$0
2016BDVTNovember 14Ontario, CAVelocityOntario, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2016BDVTOctober 30Clovis, NMVelocityL.J. Jenkins Invitational-0.00$0
2016TPD-USOctober 22Las Vegas, NVTPD-USLas Vegas, NV Touring Pro Division100.00$0
2016TPD-USOctober 16Little Rock, ARTPD-USPBR Ridin in the Rock - Little Rock AR-0.00$0
2016TPD-USOctober 13Las Vegas, NVEXHIBIpiranga Exhibition Las Vegas40.00$621
2015TPD-USOctober 10Hamilton, TXTPD-USCody Ohl's Circle T Shootout160.00$3,202
2015TPD-USOctober 02San Antonio, TXTPD-USSan Antonio, TX Touring Pro Division-0.00$0
2016PBR-BRSeptember 18Jaguariúna, SPCUP-BRJaguariuna-0.00$0
2016PBR-BRSeptember 03Adamantina, SPCUP-BRAdamantina220.00$101
2016PBR-BRAugust 27Claudio, MGCUP-BRClaudio, MG170.00$0
2015PBR-BRAugust 20Barretos, SPCUP-BRBrazil Finals Barretos, SP200.00$184
2015PBR-BRJuly 30Catalao, GOCUP-BRCatalao GO-0.00$0
2015PBR-BRJuly 16São José do Rio Preto, SPTPD-BRSao Jose do Rio Preto SP210.00$0
2015PBR-BRJuly 08Morro Agudo, SPTPD-BRMorro Agudo SP90.00$110
2015PBR-BRJuly 02Pilar do Sul, SPCUP-BRPilar do Sul SP-0.00$0
2015PBR-BRJune 12Americana, SPTPD-BRAmericana SP Iron Cowboy Qualifying Event-0.00$0
2015PBR-BRJune 05Americana, SPTPD-BRAmericana SP300.00$0
2015PBR-BRMay 21Goiânia, GOCUP-BRGoiania GO200.00$0
2015PBR-BRMay 07São José do Rio Pardo, SPTPD-BRSao Jose do Rio Pardo SP320.00$1,167
2015PBR-BRApril 17Londrina, PRCUP-BRMonster Cup Energy Londrina340.00$0
2015BDVTFebruary 07Worcester, MAVelocityWorcester, MA BlueDEF Velocity Tour210.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 24Detroit, MIVelocityDETROIT, MI BLUEDEF MIAT VELOCITY TOUR100.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 22Battle Creek, MIVelocityBATTLE CREEK, MI BLUEDEF VELOCITY TOUR190.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 17Reno, NVVelocityReno, NV BlueDEF Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2015TPD-USJanuary 15Pueblo, COTPD-USPueblo PBR-0.00$0
2015TPD-USJanuary 12Denver, COTPD-USNWSS Touring Pro Division Finale-0.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 10Laredo, TXVelocityLAREDO, TX BLUEDEF VELOCITY TOUR180.00$0
2015TPD-USJanuary 09Bossier City, LATPD-USBossier City TPD-0.00$0
2015TPD-USJanuary 02Columbus, GATPD-USRMEF Big Bull Tour Columbus New Years Bull Bash510.00$738
2015TPD-USJanuary 02Columbus, GATPD-USRMEF Big Bull Tour Columbus New Years Bull Bash120.00$0
2015TPD-USNovember 21Springfield, MOTPD-USAriat PBR Extreme Nationals110.00$0
2015TPD-USNovember 15McAlester, OKTPD-USJW Hart’s Champions Challenge415.00$1,387
2015TPD-USNovember 08Goliad, TXTPD-USGoliad PBR62.50$282
2014PBR-BRSeptember 18Jaguariúna, SPCUP-BRJaguariuna1388.00$237
2014PBR-BRSeptember 11IcémCUP-BRIcém13161.50$0
2014PBR-BRSeptember 04Adamantina, SPTPD-BRAdamantina15171.00$240
2014PBR-BRAugust 21Barretos, SPCUP-BRFinal11260.75$867
2014PBR-BRAugust 14Indaiatuba, SPCUP-BRIndaiatuba10250.75$59
2014PBR-BRAugust 10Campo Alegre de Goiás, GOCUP-BRCampo Alegre de Goiás1988.75$0
2014PBR-BRJuly 31Frutal, MGCUP-BRFrutal2785.25$0
2014PBR-BRJuly 24São José do Rio Preto, SPCUP-BRSao Jose do Rio Preto6261.75$1,401
2014PBR-BRJuly 10Quirinópolis, GOCUP-BRQuirinopolis9248.75$0
2014PBR-BRJuly 03Paranaíba, MSCUP-BRParanaiba4347.50$3,009
2014PBR-BRJune 27Pilar do Sul, SPCUP-BRPilar do Sul6258.50$1,101
2014PBR-BRJune 19Americana, SPCUP-BRAmericana2261.00$3,489
2014PBR-BRJune 13Americana, SPCUP-BRAmericana2785.25$0
2014PBR-BRMay 29Divinópolis, MGCUP-BRDivinopolis2584.50$0
2014PBR-BRApril 11Londrina, PRTPD-BRLondrina6248.25$917