Trevor Reiste

Trevor Reiste

#622023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
StatusPractice Squad
HometownLinden, IA
Weight140 lbs
  • Rank62
  • Outs49
  • Streak-6
  • Points0
  • Rides9
  • Money Earned$16k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %18
  • Event Wins0
2023UTBDecember 17Manchester, NHClassicPBR MANCHESTER INVITATIONAL-0.00$0
2022TEAMNovember 06Las Vegas, NVWrapUpChampionship wrapper for final team placements & payouts-0.00$5,423
2022TEAMNovember 05Las Vegas, NVPlayoffGame 7 CAR Cowboys (4) v OK Freedom (3)-0.00$1,000
2022TEAMOctober 16Glendale, AZH2HKansas City Outlaws @ Oklahoma Freedom-0.00$500
2022TEAMOctober 16Glendale, AZBonusBonus Round-0.00$4,777
2022TEAMOctober 15Glendale, AZH2HOklahoma Freedom @ Nashville Stampede-0.00$0
2022TEAMOctober 14Glendale, AZH2HOklahoma Freedom @ Arizona Ridge Riders-0.00$0
2022TEAMOctober 09Ft Worth, TXH2HCarolina Cowboys @ Oklahoma Freedom30.00$500
2022TEAMOctober 09Ft Worth, TXBonusBonus Round-0.00$2,650
2022TEAMOctober 08Ft Worth, TXH2HArizona Ridge Riders @ Oklahoma Freedom50.00$500
2022TEAMOctober 07Ft Worth, TXH2HOklahoma Freedom @ Texas Rattlers-0.00$0
2017RVTApril 22Des Moines, IAVelocityDes Moines, IA Chute Out -0.00$0
2016BDVTApril 09Milwaukee, WIVelocityMilwaukee, WI BlueDEF Tour Presented by Real Time Pain Relief-0.00$0
2013TPD-USSeptember 10Pendleton, ORTPD-US[13-311] Pendleton, OR-0.00$0
2013TPD-USApril 13Wichita, KSTPD-US[13-246] Wichita , KS-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMarch 29West Plains, MOTPD-US[13-243] West Plains, MO-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMarch 15Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[13-239] Poplar Bluff, MO-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 19Austin, TXTPD-US[13-219] Austin, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 28Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[13-211] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 15Kearney, NETPD-US[13-209] Kearney, NE-0.00$0
2013TPD-USOctober 19Little Rock, ARTPD-US[13-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USOctober 13Miami, OKTPD-US[12-307] Miami, OK--$0
2012TPD-USSeptember 14Williston, NDTPD-US[12-302] Williston, ND-0.00$0
2012TPD-USSeptember 10Pendleton, ORTPD-US[12-301] Pendleton, OR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USAugust 24Baton Rouge, LATPD-US[12-295] Baton Rouge, LA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USAugust 24Baton Rouge, LATPD-US[12-295] Baton Rouge, LA1483.50$0
2012TPD-USAugust 01Goodland, KSTPD-US[12-284] Goodland, KS-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 20Thief River Falls, MNTPD-US[12-279] Thief River Falls, MN-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 03Pendleton, ORTPD-US[12-267] Pendleton, OR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 30Springdale, ARTPD-US[12-266] Springdale, AR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 29Midland, TXTPD-US[12-265] Midland, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 23Ardmore, OKTPD-US[12-261] Ardmore, OK-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 15Stonewall, TXTPD-US[12-254] Stonewall, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 09San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-253] San Antonio 6/9, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 02Phillipsburg, KSTPD-US[12-252] Phillipsburg, KS-0.00$0
2012TPD-USApril 21Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[12-242] Ft. Smith, AR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 16Council Bluffs, IATPD-US[12-232] Council Bluffs, IA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 09Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[12-229] Poplar Bluff, MO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USFebruary 03Pensacola, FLTPD-US[12-224] Pensacola , FL-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 27Laredo, TXTPD-US[12-221] Laredo, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 20Toledo, OHTPD-US[12-217] Toledo, OH-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 20Toledo, OHTPD-US[12-217] Toledo, OH1977.50$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 06Tallahassee, FLTPD-US[12-211] Tallahasse, FL-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 06Tallahassee, FLTPD-US[12-211] Tallahasse, FL1685.50$0
2012TPD-USDecember 30Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[12-210] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USDecember 17Kearney, NETPD-US[12-209] Kearney, NE-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 25West Plains, MOTPD-US[12-207] West Plains, MO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 04Bakersfield, CATPD-US[12-203] Bakersfield, CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USOctober 21Little Rock, ARTPD-US[12-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2011TPD-USOctober 08Miami, OKTPD-US[11-321] Miami, OK684.50$326
2011TPD-USSeptember 10Claremore, OKTPD-US[11-315] Claremore, OK--$0
2011TPD-USSeptember 03Hollister, CATPD-US[11-309] Hollister, CA--$0
2011TPD-USAugust 26Lancaster, CATPD-US[11-304] Lancaster, CA682.00$454
2011TPD-USAugust 20Del Mar, CATPD-US[11-303] Del Mar, CA--$0
2011TPD-USJune 24Atlantic, IATPD-US[11-272] Atlantic, IA--$0
2011TPD-USMarch 18Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[11-239] Poplar Bluff, MO--$0
2011TPD-USJanuary 13Bossier City, LATPD-US[12-214] Bossier City, LA7156.50$346