Reid Barker

Reid Barker

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownComfort, TX
  • RankN/A
  • Outs41
  • Streak-8
  • Points0
  • Rides16
  • Money Earned$20k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %39
  • Event Wins1
2020TPD-USJune 26Rocksprings, TXTPD-USSlick Rock Challenge Day 1-0.00$0
2020TPD-USFebruary 07San Antonio, TXTPD-USNational Cattleman's Beef Association PBR-0.00$0
2020TPD-USJanuary 03Fort Worth, TXTPD-USCowtown PBR-0.00$0
2019TPD-USApril 12Denver, COTPD-USRodeo All-Stars510.00$800
2018TPD-USNovember 03Goliad, TXTPD-USGoliad PBR70.00$221
2018TPD-USNovember 11Goliad, TXTPD-USGoliad PBR-0.00$0
2017TPD-USSeptember 09Fredericksburg, TXTPD-USFredericksburg, TX Touring Pro Division-0.00$0
2017TPD-USSeptember 02Belton, TXTPD-USCentral Texas State Fair-0.00$0
2017TPD-USApril 01Gonzales, TXTPD-USPBR Gonzales230.00$5,239
2015TPD-USOctober 10San Antonio, TXTPD-USSan Antonio, TX PBR Touring Pro Division215.00$1,254
2014TPD-USMay 02Stephenville, TXTPD-US[14-261] Stephenville, TX-0.00$0
2014TPD-USApril 29Wharton, TXTPD-US[14-260] Wharton , TX-85.00$0
2014TPD-USApril 29Wharton, TXTPD-US[14-260] Wharton , TX4171.50$1,130
2014TPD-USMarch 22San Antonio, TXTPD-US[14-242] San Antonio 3/22, TX--$0
2014TPD-USJanuary 10Columbus, GATPD-US[14-216] Columbus, GA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USJanuary 10Columbus, GATPD-US[14-216] Columbus, GA-79.50$0
2014TPD-USDecember 27Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[14-214] Fort Worth, TX884.00$113
2014TPD-USDecember 21San Antonio, TXTPD-US[14-213] San Antonio 12/21, TX-0.00$0
2014TPD-USNovember 16San Antonio, TXTPD-US[14-210] San Antonio 11/16, TX285.00$1,275
2013TPD-USJuly 05Rocksprings, TXTPD-US[13-282] Rocksprings, TX486.00$1,513
2013TPD-USApril 30Wharton, TXTPD-US[13-253] Wharton , TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USApril 30Wharton, TXTPD-US[13-253] Wharton , TX-85.50$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 11Columbus, GATPD-US[13-214] Columbus, GA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 08San Antonio, TXTPD-US[13-208] San Antoinio 12/8, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 08San Antonio, TXTPD-USSan Antonio, TX--$0
2012TPD-USSeptember 01Belton, TXTPD-US[12-298] Belton, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 07Gonzales, TXTPD-US[12-272] Gonzales, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 01Wharton, TXTPD-US[12-246] Wharton , TX1175.00$4,845
2012TPD-USMay 01Wharton, TXTPD-US[12-246] Wharton , TX1982.00$0
2011TPD-USSeptember 17Fredericksburg, TXTPD-US[11-317] Fredericksburg, TX488.50$1,683
2011TPD-USFebruary 19San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-231] San Antonio 2/19, TX--$0
2011TPD-USDecember 31San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-209] San Antonio 12/31, TX--$0
2011TPD-USNovember 13San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-203] San Antonio 11/13, TX-0.00$92
2010TPD-USOctober 02Bay City, TXTPD-US[10-267] Bay City, TX-0.00$372
2010TPD-USOctober 02Bay City, TXTPD-US[10-267] Bay City, TX-0.00$937
2010TPD-USAugust 13San Antonio, TXTPD-US[10-251] San Antonio 8/13,-0.00$999