Lane Lindsay

Lane Lindsay

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownHot Springs, SD
Weight150 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs69
  • Streak-4
  • Points0
  • Rides22
  • Money Earned$20k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %31
  • Event Wins0
2013TPD-USJuly 13Gonzales, TXTPD-US[13-285] Gonzales, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJune 15Midland, TXTPD-US[13-269] Midland, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJune 08Decatur, TXTPD-US[13-266] Decatur, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMay 25Uvalde, TXTPD-US[13-260] Uvalde, TX-82.50$0
2013TPD-USMay 18Hico, TXTPD-US[13-258] Hico, TX1480.50$0
2013TPD-USApril 20Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[13-249] Ft. Smith, AR-0.00$0
2013TPD-USFebruary 02North Little Rock, ARTPD-US[13-224] N. Little Rock, AR385.50$1,407
2013TPD-USJanuary 04Laredo, TXTPD-US[13-212] Laredo, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 04Laredo, TXTPD-US[13-212] Laredo, TX-83.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 28Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[13-211] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USOctober 19Little Rock, ARTPD-US[13-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2013TPD-USOctober 19Little Rock, ARTPD-US[13-201] Little Rock, AR-83.50$0
2012TPD-USSeptember 01Belton, TXTPD-US[12-298] Belton, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 07Gonzales, TXTPD-US[12-272] Gonzales, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 06San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-270] San Antonio 7/6, TX387.00$2,358
2012TPD-USJune 29Midland, TXTPD-US[12-265] Midland, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 29Midland, TXTPD-US[12-265] Midland, TX-80.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 24Cedar Park, TXTPD-US[12-262] Cedar Park, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 22Lake Charles, LATPD-US[12-259] Lake Charles, LA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 15Stonewall, TXTPD-US[12-254] Stonewall, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 09San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-253] San Antonio 6/9, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 26Decatur, TXTPD-US[12-249] Decatur, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 25Paris, TXTPD-US[12-248] Paris, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 12San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-247] San Antonio 5/12, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 01Wharton, TXTPD-US[12-246] Wharton , TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 01Wharton, TXTPD-US[12-246] Wharton , TX4166.00$1,292
2012TPD-USApril 28Cleburne, TXTPD-US[12-244] Cleburne , TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USApril 14San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-240] San Antonio 4/14, TX479.00$752
2012TPD-USApril 06Stephenville, TXTPD-US[12-238] Stephenville, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 02San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-228] San Antonio, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 27Laredo, TXTPD-US[12-221] Laredo, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 21Austin, TXTPD-US[12-218] Austin, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 09Denver, COTPD-US[12-212] Denver, CO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 11San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-206] San Antonio, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USOctober 21Little Rock, ARTPD-US[12-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2011TPD-USJuly 09Gonzales, TXTPD-US[11-286] Gonzales, TX--$0
2011TPD-USJune 24Lake Charles, LATPD-US[11-273] Lake Charles, LA884.50$728
2011TPD-USJune 17Stonewall, TXTPD-US[11-266] Stonewall, TX--$0
2011TPD-USJune 10Ardmore, OKTPD-US[11-264] Ardmore, OK--$0
2011TPD-USMay 21Midland, TXTPD-US[11-257] Midland, TX5162.50$648
2011TPD-USMay 14San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-256] San Antonio 5/14, TX--$0
2011TPD-USMay 03Wharton, TXTPD-US[11-253] Wharton , TX-82.50$0
2011TPD-USApril 30Cleburne, TXTPD-US[11-252] Cleburne , TX--$0
2011TPD-USApril 16Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[11-245] Ft. Smith, AR285.00$3,105
2011TPD-USMarch 05San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-235] San Antonio 3/5, TX--$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 19North Little Rock, ARTPD-US[11-230] N. Little Rock, AR--$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 18Jonesboro, ARTPD-US[11-232] Jonesboro, AR-82.00$0
2011TPD-USJanuary 28San Antonio, TXTPD-US[11-225] San Antonio 1/28, TX2170.00$3,060
2011TPD-USJanuary 22Austin, TXTPD-US[11-218] Austin, TX--$0
2011TPD-USJanuary 10Denver, COTPD-USDenver, CO--$0
2011TPD-USOctober 16Mesquite, TXTPD-US[11-202] Mesquite , TX--$0
2010TPD-USSeptember 18Mesquite, TXTPD-US[10-264] Mesquite , TX40.00$2,410
2010TPD-USSeptember 11Atlantic, IATPD-US[10-261] Atlantic, IA3165.50$1,245
2010TPD-USSeptember 05Steamboat Springs, COTPD-US[10-139] Steamboat Springs, CO--$0
2010TPD-USSeptember 04North Platte, NETPD-US[10-258] North Platte, NE40.00$1,537
2010TPD-USAugust 04Goodland, KSTPD-US[10-250] Goodland, KS--$0
2010TPD-USJuly 24Hastings, NETPD-US[10-248] Hastings, NE--$0
2010TPD-USJuly 22Grand Junction, COTPD-US[10-123] Grand Junction , CO--$0
2010TPD-USJune 26Greeley, COTPD-US[10-117] Greeley, CO--$0
2010TPD-USJune 18Evergreen, COTPD-US[10-115] Evergreen, CO50.00$1,160