Bobby Roberts

Bobby Roberts

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownVisalia, CA
Weight150 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs45
  • Streak-13
  • Points0
  • Rides17
  • Money Earned$28k
  • 90 Points Rides1
  • Ride %37
  • Event Wins1
2016TPD-USAugust 04Santa Barbara, CATPD-USSanta Barbara, CA Old Spanish Days Fiesta Stock Horse Show and Rodeo-0.00$0
2016BDVTApril 02Fresno, CAVelocityFresno, CA BlueDEF Tour Presented By Real Time Pain Relief-0.00$0
2016BDVTNovember 21Bakersfield, CAVelocityBakersfield, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2015TPD-USAugust 06Santa Barbara, CATPD-USFiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo-0.00$0
2015BDVTJuly 15Salinas, CAVelocityProfessional Bull Riding BlueDef Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2015TPD-USApril 23Clovis, CATPD-USClovis Rodeo PBR Touring Pro-0.00$0
2015BDVTFebruary 28Portland, ORVelocityPortland, OR BlueDEF Velocity Tour -0.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 31Salt Lake City, UTVelocitySALT LAKE CITY, UT BLUEDEF VELOCITY TOUR-0.00$0
2015BDVTJanuary 17Reno, NVVelocityReno, NV BlueDEF Velocity Tour65.00$490
2015TPD-USJanuary 16Spokane, WATPD-USWrangler PBR Bushwacker Invitational80.00$101
2015BDVTNovember 22Bakersfield, CAVelocityBakersfield, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2015BDVTNovember 15Ontario, CAVelocityOntario, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2015BDVTNovember 08San Diego, CAVelocitySan Diego, CA BlueDEF Velocity Tour -0.00$0
2014TPD-USJuly 31Santa Barbara, CATPD-US[14-314] Santa Barbara, CA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USJuly 16Salinas, CATPD-US[14-301] Salinas, CA-0.00$0
2014BDVTJuly 05Carson, CAVelocityCarson, CA PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour -0.00$0
2014BDVTJuly 05Carson, CAVelocityCarson, CA PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour 824.75$157
2014TPD-USJuly 04Lancaster, CATPD-US[14-292] Lancaster, CA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USMay 17Pala, CATPD-US[14-269] Pala, CA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USApril 24Clovis, CATPD-US[14-258] Clovis , CA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USMarch 14Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[14-237] Poplar Bluff, MO-0.00$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 21Johnson City, TNTPD-US[14-231] Johnson City , TN-0.00$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 14Kalispell, MTTPD-US[14-229] Kalispell, MT1584.00$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 14Kalispell, MTTPD-US[14-229] Kalispell, MT2181.50$0
2014PBR-CAFebruary 14Kalispell, MTTPD-CAPBR Touring Pro in Kalispell, MT1584.00$0
2014PBR-CAFebruary 14Kalispell, MTTPD-CAPBR Touring Pro in Kalispell, MT2181.50$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 08Portland, ORTPD-US[14-227] Portland, OR-0.00$0
2014TPD-USFebruary 08Portland, ORTPD-US[14-227] Portland, OR291.00$2,696
2014PBR-CAFebruary 01Yakima, WATPD-CAPBR Touring Pro in Yakima WA8105.50$160
2014BDVTJanuary 18Reno, NVVelocityVelocity - Reno, NV-0.00$0
2014BDVTJanuary 18Reno, NVVelocityVelocity - Reno, NV539.00$1,411
2014TPD-USJanuary 17Spokane, WATPD-US[14-222] Spokane, WA489.00$1,661
2014PBR-CAJanuary 17Spokane, WATPD-CAPBR Touring Pro in Spokane WA4219.00$1,661
2014TPD-USJanuary 13Denver, COTPD-US[14-219] Denver, CO-0.00$0
2014TPD-USDecember 27Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[14-214] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2014TPD-USNovember 02Bakersfield, CATPD-US[14-205] Bakersfield, CA-0.00$0
2014TPD-USNovember 02Bakersfield, CATPD-US[14-205] Bakersfield, CA486.50$1,606
2013TPD-USAugust 01Santa Barbara, CATPD-US[13-295] Santa Barbara, CA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USAugust 01Santa Barbara, CATPD-US[13-295] Santa Barbara, CA381.50$3,839
2013TPD-USJuly 17Salinas, CATPD-US[13-286] Salinas, CA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJuly 04Lancaster, CATPD-US[13-279] Lancaster, CA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMay 30Santa Maria, CATPD-US[13-261] Santa Maria, CA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USApril 25Clovis, CATPD-US[13-250] Clovis , CA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USFebruary 16Portland, ORTPD-US[13-228] Portland, OR-0.00$0
2013TPD-USFebruary 09Yakima, WATPD-US[13-226] Yakima, WA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USFebruary 02Eugene, ORTPD-US[13-223] Eugene, OR-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 04Spokane, WATPD-US[13-213] Spokane, WA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USDecember 28Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[13-211] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USNovember 24Heber City, UTTPD-US[13-207] Heber City, UT-0.00$0
2013TPD-USNovember 02Bakersfield, CATPD-US[13-205] Bakersfield, CA1160.50$3,665
2013TPD-USNovember 02Bakersfield, CATPD-US[13-205] Bakersfield, CA385.00$2,356
2013TPD-USNovember 02Bakersfield, CATPD-US[13-205] Bakersfield, CA484.00$1,570
2012TPD-USSeptember 10Pendleton, ORTPD-US[12-301] Pendleton, OR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USAugust 02Santa Barbara, CATPD-US[12-285] Santa Barbara, CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJuly 18Salinas, CATPD-US[12-276] Salinas, CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 31Santa Maria, CATPD-US[12-250] Santa Maria, CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USApril 26Clovis, CATPD-US[12-243] Clovis , CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 28Eugene, ORTPD-US[12-222] Eugene, OR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USDecember 30Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[12-210] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USDecember 03San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-208] San Antonio, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 25West Plains, MOTPD-US[12-207] West Plains, MO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 11San Antonio, TXTPD-US[12-206] San Antonio, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 04Bakersfield, CATPD-US[12-203] Bakersfield, CA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 04Bakersfield, CATPD-US[12-203] Bakersfield, CA389.50$1,445
2010TPD-USSeptember 13Pendleton, ORTPD-US[10-142] Pendleton, OR-0.00$142
2010TPD-USSeptember 04Hollister, CATPD-US[10-138] Hollister, CA-0.00$4,744
2010TPD-USApril 22Clovis, CATPD-US[10-108] Clovis , CA-0.00$133