Jeff Askey

Jeff Askey

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownFt Smith, MT
Weight155 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs49
  • Streak-2
  • Points0
  • Rides20
  • Money Earned$11k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %40
  • Event Wins0
2013TPD-USMay 24Paris, TXTPD-US[13-259] Paris, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMarch 29West Plains, MOTPD-US[13-243] West Plains, MO-0.00$0
2013TPD-USMarch 29Stephenville, TXTPD-US[13-244] Stephenville, TX-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 12Ft. Pierce, FLTPD-US[13-215] Ft. Pierce, FL-0.00$0
2013TPD-USJanuary 11Columbus, GATPD-US[13-214] Columbus, GA-0.00$0
2013TPD-USOctober 19Little Rock, ARTPD-US[13-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJune 30Springdale, ARTPD-US[12-266] Springdale, AR781.50$271
2012TPD-USMay 25Paris, TXTPD-US[12-248] Paris, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMay 01Wharton, TXTPD-US[12-246] Wharton , TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USApril 21Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[12-242] Ft. Smith, AR386.00$2,065
2012TPD-USApril 13Evansville, INTPD-US[12-241] Evansville, IN-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 24London, ONTPD-US[12-707] London, ON-0.00$0
2012PBR-CAMarch 24London, ONCUP-CALondon Invitational874.50$584
2012TPD-USMarch 23Johnstown, PATPD-US[12-233] Johnstown, PA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 10Greenville, SCTPD-US[12-231] Greenville, SC-0.00$0
2012TPD-USMarch 09Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[12-229] Poplar Bluff, MO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USFebruary 24Louisville, KYTPD-US[12-227] Louisville, KY-0.00$0
2012TPD-USFebruary 24Johnson City, TNTPD-US[12-226] Johnson City, TN1478.50$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 21Augusta, GATPD-US[12-219] Augusta, GA-0.00$0
2012TPD-USJanuary 13Columbus, GATPD-US[12-215] Columbus, GA884.50$206
2012TPD-USJanuary 13Bossier City, LATPD-USBossier City, LA--$0
2012TPD-USDecember 30Fort Worth, TXTPD-US[12-210] Fort Worth, TX-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 25West Plains, MOTPD-US[12-207] West Plains, MO-0.00$0
2012TPD-USNovember 25West Plains, MOTPD-US[12-207] West Plains, MO1086.00$0
2012TPD-USOctober 21Little Rock, ARTPD-US[12-201] Little Rock, AR-0.00$0
2012TPD-USOctober 21Little Rock, ARTPD-US[12-201] Little Rock, AR2384.00$0
2011PBR-CASeptember 10St. Tite, QCTPD-CAFestival Western St-Tite PBR Touring Pro2576.00$3,418
2011TPD-USFebruary 12Knoxville, TNTPD-US[11-229] Knoxville, TN--$0
2010TPD-USJune 18Evergreen, COTPD-US[10-115] Evergreen, CO80.00$299
2010TPD-USJanuary 08Indianapolis, INTPD-US[10-305] Indianapolis, IN3169.00$1,631
2010TPD-USJanuary 08Louisville, KYTPD-US[10-304] Louisville, KY--$0
2010TPD-USNovember 27West Plains, MOTPD-US[10-203] West Plains, MO-0.00$111
2009TPD-USAugust 28Clinton, ARTPD-US[09-339] Clinton, AR--$0
2009TPD-USAugust 21Aiken, SCTPD-US[09-557] Aiken, SC--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 25Dublin, VATPD-US[09-334] Dublin, VA284.50$1,496
2009TPD-USJuly 03Tidioute, PATPD-US[09-215] Tidioute , PA--$0
2009PBR-CAJuly 03Tidioute, PATPD-CA[09-223] Hickory Creek Wilderness Ranch Copenhagen Bull Riding Challenger Tour-84.50$867
2008TPD-USAugust 29Tahlequah, OKTPD-US[08-345] Tahlequah, OK--$0
2007TPD-USAugust 31Tahlequah, OKTPD-US[07-326] Tahlequah, OK-0.00$157
2007TPD-USJuly 06Tidioute, PATPD-US[07-217] Tidioute , PA--$0
2006TPD-USJune 30Tidioute, PATPD-USTidioute, PA--$0