Saras Ramsay

Saras Ramsay

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
Weight100 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs120
  • Streak2
  • Points0
  • Rides48
  • Money Earned$32k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %40
  • Event Wins4
2013PBR-AUNovember 10Cunnamulla, QldCUP-AU[11133] Cunnamulla Fella Festival PBR Bull Ride773.00$344
2013PBR-AUOctober 27Sunshine Coast, QldCUP-AU[11135] Beach & Bulls Classic486.00$1,179
2011BFTSApril 29Seattle, WAClassicSeattle Invitational2282.75$400
2011TPD-USApril 22Stephenville, TXTPD-US[11-247] Stephenville, TX--$0
2011TPD-USApril 21Clovis, CATPD-US[11-246] Clovis , CA--$0
2011TPD-USApril 16Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[11-245] Ft. Smith, AR187.50$4,269
2011TPD-USApril 08Johnstown, PATPD-US[11-244] Johnstown, PA--$0
2011PBR-CAApril 02London, ONCUP-CALondon Invitational9121.00$0
2011PBR-CAMarch 25Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAAbbotsford Invitational11187.50$1,368
2011TPD-USMarch 18Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[11-239] Poplar Bluff, MO-86.00$0
2011TPD-USMarch 11Evansville, INTPD-US[11-237] Evansville, IN-77.50$0
2011PBR-CAMarch 05Lethbridge, ABCUP-CABridge City - LA Towing PBR presented by Wrangler & Lammle's--$0
2011PBR-CAMarch 04Vermilion, ABTPD-CALakeland College Invitational5250.50$616
2011TPD-USFebruary 26Birmingham, ALTPD-US[11-233] Birmingham, AL--$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 19North Little Rock, ARTPD-US[11-230] N. Little Rock, AR-85.00$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 18Jonesboro, ARTPD-US[11-232] Jonesboro, AR-78.50$0
2011TPD-USFebruary 12Knoxville, TNTPD-US[11-229] Knoxville, TN685.50$367
2011TPD-USFebruary 05Winston-Salem, NCTPD-US[11-226] Winston Salem, NC786.50$949
2011TPD-USJanuary 29Auburn Hills, MITPD-US[11-223] Auburn Hills, MI1169.50$3,841
2011TPD-USJanuary 28North Charleston, SCTPD-US[11-224] North Charleston, SC-84.50$0
2010PBR-AUNovember 26Tamworth, NSWCUP-AU[10118] 2010 PBR National Finals6447.50$2,245
2010PBR-AUNovember 13Cunnamulla, QldCUP-AU[10113] Cunnamulla Fella Festival PBR Challenger Series--$0
2010PBR-AUOctober 30Luddenham, NSWCUP-AU[10117] PBR Challenger Series Luddenham4315.50$1,034
2010PBR-AUOctober 09Ingham, QldCUP-AU[10116] Toyo Tires PBR Challenger Series6243.50$358
2010PBR-AUJuly 24Hervey Bay, QldCUP-AU[10112] Hervey Bay PBR & Bike Spectacular--$0
2010PBR-AUMay 22Townsville, QldCUP-AU[10110] 2010 PBR Troy Dunn International (Sat)--$0
2010PBR-AUMay 21Townsville, QldCUP-AU[10105] 2010 PBR Troy Dunn International9177.50$0
2010PBR-AUApril 17Julia Creek, QldCUP-AU[10106] Julia Creek Dirt & Dust PBR Challenger Series--$0
2010PBR-AUMarch 13Toowoomba, QldCUP-AU[10103] PBR Challenger Series Toowoomba Qld4287.50$746
2010PBR-AUFebruary 27Marrabel, SACUP-AU[10104] PBR Challenger Series Marrabel SA8181.50$179
2010PBR-AUFebruary 20Cooyar, QldCUP-AU[10102] PBR Challenger Series Cooyar Qld7202.00$149
2010PBR-AUDecember 30Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[09317] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Rockhampton Qld--$0
2009PBR-AUNovember 20Roma, QldCUP-AU[09312] PBR Challenger Series Roma Qld879.50$40
2009PBR-AUOctober 24Penrith, NSWCUP-AU[09309] Penrith Paceway PBR Challenger Series Penrith NSW485.50$484
2009PBR-AUSeptember 05Hughenden, QldTPD-AU[09313] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Hughenden Qld--$0
2009PBR-AUAugust 15Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[09508] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Rockhampton Qld--$0
2009PBR-AUJune 19Gold Coast, QldCUP-AU[09106] PBR World Challenge - Gold Coast Qld--$0
2009PBR-AUJune 19Gold Coast, QldCUP-AU[09304] 2009 PBR World Challenge--$0
2009PBR-AUMay 29Newcastle, NSWCUP-AU[09105] PBR Brendon Clark Invitational - Newcastle NSW-85.00$0
2009PBR-AUMay 29Newcastle, NSWCUP-AU[09102] PBR Brendon Clark Invitational1176.00$2,271
2009PBR-AUMay 22Townsville, QldCUP-AU[09103] PBR Troy Dunn International-82.00$0
2009PBR-AUMay 22Townsville, QldCUP-AU[09104] PBR Troy Dunn International - Townsville Qld--$0
2009TPD-USApril 25Cleburne, TXTPD-US[09-532] Cleburne , TX--$0
2009TPD-USApril 17Southaven, MSTPD-US[09-529] Southaven, MS--$0
2009TPD-USApril 10Mesquite, TXTPD-US[09-318] Mesquite (4/10/09), TX-0.00$1,016
2009TPD-USMarch 29San Antonio, TXTPD-US[09-801] S. Antonio MX, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 28Palestine, TXTPD-US[09-313] Palestine, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 20Roanoke, VATPD-US[09-525] Roanoke, VA--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 20Columbia, SCTPD-US[09-526] Columbia, SC--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 13San Antonio, TXTPD-US[09-312] San Antonio 3/13, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 06Victoria, TXTPD-US[09-311] Victoria, TX--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 21Kalamazoo, MITPD-US[09-310] Kalamazoo, MI3173.00$1,151
2009TPD-USFebruary 13Saginaw, MITPD-US[09-520] Saginaw, MI--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 13Wheeling, WVTPD-US[09-521] Wheeling, WV-85.00$85
2009TPD-USFebruary 12San Antonio, TXTPD-US[09-309] San Antonio 2/12, TX--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 06Salina, KSTPD-US[09-308] Salina, KS--$0
2009PBR-AUDecember 30Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[09102] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Rockhampton Qld-83.50$0
2008PBR-AUNovember 22Wagga Wagga, NSWTPD-AU[12] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Wagga Wagga NSW383.50$1,867
2008PBR-AUNovember 08Yass, NSWTPD-AU[8] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Yass NSW289.00$2,021
2008PBR-AUSeptember 20Capella, QldTPD-AU[6] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Capella, QLD-79.50$0
2008PBR-AUSeptember 13Hughenden, QldTPD-AU[5] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Hughenden, QLD--$0
2008PBR-AUAugust 09Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[4] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Rockhampton, QLD985.00$227
2008PBR-AUAugust 02Sarina, QldCUP-AUPBR Challenger Series Sarina Qld--$0
2008PBR-AUJune 14Ingham, QldTPD-AU[08-203] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Ingham, QLD--$0
2008PBR-AUMay 31Newcastle, NSWCUP-AUPBR Brendon Clark Invitational Night 2--$0
2008PBR-AUMay 24Townsville, QldCUP-AU[08-107] PBR Troy Dunn International Night 2--$0
2008PBR-AUApril 19Mareeba, QldCUP-AU[08-605] PBR Challenger Series Mareeba, QLD--$0
2008PBR-AUApril 05Julia Creek, QldTPD-AU[08-203] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Julia Creek, QLD--$0
2008PBR-AUMarch 01Marrabel, SATPD-AU[08-202] Bundaberg Rum PBR Touring Pro Marrabel, SA--$0
2008PBR-AUFebruary 23Cooyar, QldCUP-AU[08-601] PBR Challenger Series Cooyar, QLD586.00$519
2007PBR-AUJune 02Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[07207] Rockhampton781.00$81
2007PBR-AUMay 25Townsville, QldCUP-AU[07108] Townsville, Qld--$0
2007PBR-AUMay 12Bundaberg, QldTPD-AU[07206] Bundaberg1175.50$1,921
2007PBR-AUApril 28Mareeba, QldTPD-AU[07205] Mareeba, Qld--$0
2007PBR-AUApril 21Julia Creek, QldTPD-AU[07204] Julia Creek, Qld484.50$1,142
2007PBR-AUApril 07Rockhampton, QldTPD-AU[07203] Rockhampton, Qld-76.00$0
2007PBR-AUMarch 31Marrabel, SATPD-AU[07202] Marrabel, SA-79.00$0
2007PBR-AUFebruary 24Cooyar, QldTPD-AU[07201] Cooyar, Qld--$0
2006PBR-AUSeptember 02Innisfail, QldTPD-AU[06-207] Innisfail, Qld4245.00$999