Austin Ambrose

Austin Ambrose

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownFletcher, OK
Weight130 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs109
  • Streak-3
  • Points0
  • Rides33
  • Money Earned$35k
  • 90 Points Rides1
  • Ride %30
  • Event Wins2
2009TPD-USMay 29Ada, OKTPD-US[09-534] Ada , OK--$0
2009TPD-USJanuary 16Wichita, KSTPD-US[09-512] Wichita (Valley Cntr) , KS--$0
2009TPD-USJanuary 12Denver, COTPD-US[09-514] Denver, CO-0.00$156
2009TPD-USJanuary 09Bossier City, LATPD-US[09-505] Bossier City, LA6174.00$578
2008TPD-USAugust 29Freedom, OKTPD-US[08-578] Freedom, OK--$0
2008TPD-USAugust 22Guthrie, OKTPD-US[08-236] Guthrie , OK483.50$1,255
2008TPD-USAugust 15Sulphur Springs, TXTPD-US[08-570] Sulphur Springs, TX--$0
2008TPD-USAugust 15Baton Rouge, LATPD-US[08-571] Baton Rouge, LA--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 21Cheyenne, WYTPD-US[08-230] Cheyenne, WY--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 19Salt Lake City, UTTPD-US[08-561] Salt Lake City, UT--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 16Salinas, CATPD-US[08-228] Salinas, CA480.50$4,177
2008TPD-USJune 20Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-325] Mesquite, TX--$0
2008TPD-USJune 17Andrews, TXTPD-US[08-553] Andrews, TX--$0
2008TPD-USJune 14Bastrop, TXTPD-US[08-220] Bastrop, TX--$0
2008TPD-USJune 13Woodward, OKTPD-US[08-217] Woodward, OK--$0
2008TPD-USJune 07Perryton, TXTPD-US[08-321] Perryton, TX--$0
2008TPD-USMay 30Shawnee, OKTPD-US[08-549] Shawnee, OK--$0
2008TPD-USMay 30Elk City, OKTPD-US[08-216] Elk City, OK--$0
2008TPD-USMay 23San Angelo, TXTPD-US[08-212] San Angelo, TX--$0
2008TPD-USMay 15Liberty, TXTPD-US[08-546] Liberty , TX-85.50$181
2008TPD-USMay 07Wharton, TXTPD-US[08-318] Wharton , TX-79.00$126
2008TPD-USApril 04Stephenville, TXTPD-US[08-209] Stephenville, TX--$0
2008TPD-USMarch 22Duncan, OKTPD-US[08-309] Duncan, OK--$0
2008TPD-USMarch 14Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[08-536] Poplar Bluff, MO-75.00$200
2008TPD-USMarch 08Enid, OKTPD-US[08-307] Enid, OK387.00$1,661
2008TPD-USFebruary 29Salt Lake City, UTTPD-US[08-531] Salt Lake City, UT--$0
2008TPD-USFebruary 12Oklahoma City, OKTPD-US2007 Challenger Finals Qualifier-0.00$0
2008TPD-USFebruary 01Salina, KSTPD-US[08-306] Salina, KS--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 25Amarillo, TXTPD-US[08-525] Amarillo, TX--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 25Laredo, TXTPD-US[08-524] Laredo, TX--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 18Monroe, LATPD-US[08-520] Monroe, LA-85.50$166
2008TPD-USJanuary 14Denver, COTPD-US[08-518] Denver, CO--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 11Bossier City, LATPD-US[08-514] Bossier City, LA-75.00$222
2008TPD-USJanuary 04Louisville, KYTPD-US[08-513] Louisville, KY--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 04Jackson, TNTPD-US[08-512] Jackson , TN2170.00$2,300
2008TPD-USDecember 14Kearney, NETPD-US[08-510] Kearney, NE--$0
2008TPD-USNovember 30Jackson, MOTPD-US[08-303] Jackson, MO--$0
2008TPD-USNovember 23West Plains, MOTPD-US[08-509] West Plains, MO-83.50$113
2008TPD-USNovember 16Wichita, KSTPD-US[08-507] Wichita (Valley Cntr) , KS--$0
2008TPD-USOctober 29Las Vegas, NVTPD-US[08-504] Las Vegas, NV--$0
2007TPD-USSeptember 24Enid, OKTPD-US[07-5108] Enid, OK--$0
2007TPD-USSeptember 10Pendleton, ORTPD-US[07-236] Pendleton, OR--$0
2007TPD-USSeptember 09Eads, COTPD-US[07-5106] Eads, CO30.00$1,958
2007TPD-USSeptember 08Vinita, OKTPD-US[07-329] Vinita, OK--$0
2007TPD-USSeptember 02Steamboat Springs, COTPD-US[07-234] Steamboat Springs, CO--$0
2007TPD-USAugust 30Pueblo, COTPD-US[07-5102] Pueblo, CO--$0
2007TPD-USAugust 18Prescott, AZTPD-US[07-232] Prescott, AZ10.00$6,741
2007TPD-USAugust 11Gallup, NMTPD-US[07-230] Gallup, NM-0.00$580
2007TPD-USAugust 03Weatherford, TXTPD-US[07-592] Weatherford, TX--$0
2007TPD-USJuly 21Salt Lake City, UTTPD-US[07-588] Salt Lake City, UT-0.00$146
2007TPD-USJuly 18Salinas, CATPD-US[07-222] Salinas, CA--$0
2007TPD-USJuly 13Bismarck, NDTPD-US[07-221] Bismarck, ND20.00$8,297
2007TPD-USJuly 13Thief River Falls, MNTPD-US[07-220] Thief River Falls, MN--$0
2007TPD-USJuly 07Springdale, ARTPD-US[07-218] Springdale, AR--$0
2007TPD-USJuly 06Freedom, OKTPD-US[07-584] Freedom, OK--$0
2007TPD-USJune 28Hastings, NETPD-US[07-590] Hastings, NE80.00$378
2007TPD-USJune 15Carthage, MOTPD-US[07-317] Carthage, MO--$0
2007TPD-USJune 15Woodward, OKTPD-US[07-574] Woodward, OK--$0
2007TPD-USJune 09Georgetown, TXTPD-US[07-213] Georgetown, TX--$0
2007TPD-USJune 08Elk City, OKTPD-US[07-572] Elk City, OK--$0
2007TPD-USJune 01Richmond, VATPD-US[07-569] Richmond, VA--$0
2007TPD-USMay 12Bastrop, TXTPD-US[07-565] Bastrop, TX10.00$3,528
2007TPD-USMay 04Ada, OKTPD-US[07-556] Ada , OK-0.00$222
2007TPD-USMay 04Siloam Springs, ARTPD-US[07-559] Siloam Springs, AR--$0
2007TPD-USMarch 23Duncan, OKTPD-US[07-309] Duncan, OK60.00$350
2007TPD-USMarch 09Enid, OKTPD-US[07-537] Enid, OK--$0
2007TPD-USMarch 02Hamilton, TXTPD-US[07-307] Hamilton, TX80.00$650
2007TPD-USFebruary 23Salt Lake City, UTTPD-US[07-534] Salt Lake City, UT--$0
2007TPD-USFebruary 12Guthrie, OKTPD-US[07-530] Guthrie, OK--$0
2007TPD-USFebruary 02Salina, KSTPD-US[07-304] Salina, KS--$0
2007TPD-USJanuary 26Amarillo, TXTPD-US[07-527] Amarillo, TX--$0
2007TPD-USJanuary 19Wichita Falls, TXTPD-US[07-523] Wichita Falls, TX--$0
2007TPD-USJanuary 12Beaumont, TXTPD-US[07-519] Beaumount, TX--$0
2007TPD-USDecember 15Kearney, NETPD-US[07-511] Kearney, NE--$0
2007TPD-USNovember 24West Plains, MOTPD-US[07-509] West Plains, MO50.00$834
2006TPD-USNovember 10San Angelo, TXTPD-US[07-201] San Angelo, TX--$0
2006TPD-USOctober 07Enid, OKTPD-USEnid, OK--$0
2006TPD-USSeptember 01Ada, OKTPD-USAda, OK--$0
2006TPD-USMay 20Decatur, TXTPD-USDecatur, TX--$0
2006TPD-USMay 13Bastrop, TXTPD-USBastrop, TX--$0
2006TPD-USMarch 25Duncan, OKTPD-USDuncan, OK--$0