Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownQueen Creek, AZ
Weight175 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs52
  • Streak-3
  • Points0
  • Rides24
  • Money Earned$28k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %46
  • Event Wins1
2011TPD-USOctober 16Mesquite, TXTPD-US[11-202] Mesquite , TX--$0
2011TPD-USOctober 15Little Rock, ARTPD-US[11-201] Little Rock, AR--$0
2010TPD-USAugust 13Prescott, AZTPD-US[10-133] Prescott, AZ--$0
2009TPD-USMay 30Midland, TXTPD-US[09-535] Midland, TX287.00$2,799
2009TPD-USApril 03Mesquite, TXTPD-US[09-316] Mesquite (4/3/09), TX-0.00$2,244
2008TPD-USSeptember 26Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-352] Mesquite (9/26), TX-0.00$1,496
2008BFTSAugust 29Nashville, TNClassicJack Daniel's Invitational-0.00$0
2008TPD-USAugust 22Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-343] Mesquite (8/22), TX-0.00$1,077
2008TPD-USAugust 15Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-342] Mesquite (8/15), TX-0.00$357
2008TPD-USAugust 08Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-341] Mesquite (8/8), TX-0.00$1,694
2008TPD-USAugust 01Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-337] Mesquite (8/1), TX-0.00$897
2008TPD-USJuly 25Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-335] Mesquite (7/25), TX-0.00$1,170
2008TPD-USJuly 18Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-332] Mesquite (7/18), TX-0.00$1,716
2008TPD-USJuly 11Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-330] Mesquite (7/11), TX--$0
2008TPD-USJune 27Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-326] Mesquite, TX-0.00$727
2008TPD-USJune 13Mesquite, TXTPD-US[08-323] Mesquite (6/13-14), TX-0.00$752
2008TPD-USMay 07Wharton, TXTPD-US[08-318] Wharton , TX--$0
2008TPD-USMay 03Pahrump, NVTPD-US[08-544] Pahrump, NV-82.50$166
2008TPD-USMay 02Indio, CATPD-US[08-545] Indio, CA-80.50$218
2008TPD-USApril 10San Francisco, CATPD-US[08-539] San Francisco, CA--$0
2008TPD-USMarch 14Brawley, CATPD-US[08-535] Brawley , CA--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 14Denver, COTPD-US[08-518] Denver, CO--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 11Madison, WITPD-US[08-515] Madison, WI--$0
2008TPD-USJanuary 11Indianapolis, INTPD-US[08-516] Indianapolis, IN-77.00$100
2008TPD-USJanuary 04Ft. Pierce, FLTPD-US[08-203] Ft. Pierce, FL--$0
2008TPD-USDecember 31Redmond, ORTPD-US[08-511] Redmond , OR--$0
2008TPD-USNovember 30Jackson, MOTPD-US[08-303] Jackson, MO-80.50$138
2008TPD-USNovember 23West Plains, MOTPD-US[08-509] West Plains, MO3171.00$1,755
2008TPD-USNovember 17Aiken, SCTPD-US[08-506] Aiken, SC585.50$597
2008TPD-USNovember 16Aiken, SCTPD-US[08-505] Aiken, SC--$0
2008TPD-USOctober 24Phoenix, AZTPD-US[08-503] Phoenix, AZ1169.00$2,380
2008TPD-USOctober 20Bay City, TXTPD-US[08-302] Bay City, TX-0.00$1,789
2008TPD-USOctober 19Victoria, TXTPD-US[08-301] Victoria, TX3168.00$1,100
2007TPD-USAugust 18Prescott, AZTPD-US[07-232] Prescott, AZ--$0
2007TPD-USFebruary 23Salt Lake City, UTTPD-US[07-534] Salt Lake City, UT-0.00$233
2007TPD-USFebruary 02Oakland, CATPD-US[07-529] Oakland, CA60.00$1,532
2007TPD-USJanuary 12Prescott Valley, AZTPD-US[07-521] Prescott Valley, AZ--$0
2007TPD-USJanuary 06Ft. Pierce, FLTPD-US[07-204] Ft. Pierce, FL--$0
2007TPD-USJanuary 05Daytona Beach, FLTPD-US[07-513] Daytona Beach, FL-0.00$114
2007TPD-USNovember 18Tulare, CATPD-US[07-302] Tulare, CA50.00$691
2006PBR-MXNovember 01Lagos De Moreno, JaliscoTPD-MX[06-214] Lagos De Moreno2163.00$1,988
2006TPD-USOctober 06Roswell, NMTPD-USRoswell, NM--$0
2006TPD-USJuly 04Redmond, ORTPD-USRedmond, OR--$0