James Crosby

James Crosby

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownStaunton, VA
Weight150 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs116
  • Streak-10
  • Points0
  • Rides36
  • Money Earned$22k
  • 90 Points Rides2
  • Ride %31
  • Event Wins2
2010TPD-USJune 12Elk City, OKTPD-US[10-236] Elk City, OK--$0
2010TPD-USMay 22Pala, CATPD-US[10-111] Pala, CA--$0
2010TPD-USMay 22Decatur, TXTPD-US[10-228] Decatur, TX--$0
2010TPD-USMay 21Everett, WATPD-US[10-112] Everett, WA--$0
2010TPD-USApril 28Rapid City, SDTPD-US[10-223] Rapid City, SD--$0
2010TPD-USApril 22Clovis, CATPD-US[10-108] Clovis , CA--$0
2010TPD-USApril 17Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[10-221] Ft. Smith, AR--$0
2010TPD-USApril 09Youngstown, OHTPD-US[10-318] Youngstown, OH--$0
2010BFTSApril 02New Orleans, LAClassicThe New Orleans Classic2084.00$0
2010TPD-USMarch 12Hampton, VATPD-US[10-315] Hampton, VA-0.00$278
2010TPD-USMarch 12Hampton, VATPD-US[10-315] Hampton, VA2172.50$2,764
2010TPD-USMarch 06Lethbridge, ABTPD-US[10-706] Lethbridge, AB--$0
2010PBR-CAMarch 06Lethbridge, ABCUP-CA[10-205] Bridge City - LA Towing PBR presented by Wrangler & Lammle's--$0
2010PBR-CAMarch 05Vermilion, ABTPD-CA[10-201] Lakeland College PBR Touring Pro--$0
2010TPD-USFebruary 20Cleveland, OHTPD-US[10-314] Cleveland, OH--$0
2010TPD-USFebruary 05Johnson City, TNTPD-US[10-313] Johnson City, TN-0.00$87
2010TPD-USJanuary 29Toledo, OHTPD-US[10-310] Toledo, OH80.00$719
2010TPD-USJanuary 22Reading, PATPD-US[10-307] Reading , PA1170.00$3,298
2010TPD-USJanuary 08Louisville, KYTPD-US[10-304] Louisville, KY--$0
2010TPD-USOctober 29Las Vegas, NVTPD-US[10-101] Las Vegas, NV--$0
2009TPD-USSeptember 14Pendleton, ORTPD-US[09-236] Pendleton, OR--$0
2009TPD-USAugust 15Ft. Smith, ARTPD-US[09-555] Ft. Smith, AR--$0
2009TPD-USAugust 13North Platte, NETPD-US[09-554] North Platte, NE--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 25Hastings, NETPD-US[09-550] Hastings, NE886.50$413
2009TPD-USJuly 23Grand Junction, COTPD-US[09-549] Grand Junction , CO--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 20Cheyenne, WYTPD-US[09-223] Cheyenne, WY--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 15Salinas, CATPD-US[09-219] Salinas, CA--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 12Gonzales, TXTPD-US[09-547] Gonzales, TX--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 11Springdale, ARTPD-US[09-218] Springdale, AR--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 10San Antonio, TXTPD-US[09-217] San Antonio 7/10, TX--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 04Giddings, TXTPD-US[09-216] Giddings, TX-82.50$130
2009TPD-USJuly 03Rocksprings, TXTPD-US[09-546] Rocksprings, TX--$0
2009TPD-USJuly 02Wimberley, TXTPD-US[09-545] Wimberley, TX--$0
2009TPD-USJune 30Calgary, ABTPD-US[09-716] Calgary, AB--$0
2009TPD-USJune 30St. Paul, ORTPD-US[09-213] St. Paul, OR--$0
2009TPD-USJune 27Binford, NDTPD-US[09-542] Binford, ND--$0
2009TPD-USJune 26Greeley, COTPD-US[09-541] Greeley, CO--$0
2009TPD-USJune 19Rapid City, SDTPD-US[09-540] Rapid City, SD--$0
2009TPD-USJune 13Bastrop, TXTPD-US[09-211] Bastrop, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMay 30Midland, TXTPD-US[09-535] Midland, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMay 29Ada, OKTPD-US[09-534] Ada , OK--$0
2009TPD-USMay 23Decatur, TXTPD-US[09-207] Decatur, TX--$0
2009TPD-USMay 02Trail, BCTPD-US[09-710] Trail, BC--$0
2009TPD-USApril 24Brawley, CATPD-US[09-531] Brawley , CA--$0
2009TPD-USApril 23Clovis, CATPD-US[09-206] Clovis , CA--$0
2009PBR-CAApril 17Prince Albert, SKCUP-CA[09-101] Prince Albert Invitational PBR-85.00$0
2009TPD-USApril 17Prince Albert, SKTPD-US[09-706] Prince Albert, SK--$0
2009TPD-USApril 10Ft. Pierce, FLTPD-US[09-205] Ft. Pierce, FL-86.50$92
2009TPD-USMarch 20Roanoke, VATPD-US[09-525] Roanoke, VA--$0
2009TPD-USMarch 20Hampton, VATPD-US[09-524] Hampton, VA4175.00$1,104
2009TPD-USMarch 07Lethbridge, ABTPD-US[09-703] Lethbridge, AB--$0
2009PBR-CAMarch 07Lethbridge, ABCUP-CA[09-102] Bridge City Chrysler - LA Towing1174.50$5,982
2009TPD-USFebruary 28Chilliwack, BCTPD-US[09-702] Chilliwack 2/28, BC--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 27Chilliwack, BCTPD-US[09-701] Chilliwack 2/27, BC--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 13Saginaw, MITPD-US[09-520] Saginaw, MI--$0
2009TPD-USFebruary 13Wheeling, WVTPD-US[09-521] Wheeling, WV-87.00$737
2009TPD-USJanuary 16Spokane, WATPD-US[09-513] Spokane, WA5156.50$731
2009TPD-USDecember 05Lexington, VATPD-US[09-202] Lexington, VA-84.00$79
2009TPD-USNovember 04Las Vegas, NVTPD-US[09-502] Las Vegas, NV--$0
2008TPD-USOctober 02Hollister, CATPD-US[08-591] Hollister, CA5169.50$808
2008TPD-USSeptember 25Red Bluff, CATPD-US[08-590] Red Bluff, CA--$0
2008TPD-USSeptember 08Pendleton, ORTPD-US[08-238] Pendleton, OR--$0
2008TPD-USSeptember 01Filer (Twin Falls), IDTPD-US[08-583] Filer (Twin Falls), ID--$0
2008TPD-USAugust 08Molalla, ORTPD-US[08-233] Molalla, OR886.00$284
2008TPD-USJuly 16Salinas, CATPD-US[08-228] Salinas, CA--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 11Thief River Falls, MNTPD-US[08-226] Thief River Falls, MN--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 11Bismarck, NDTPD-US[08-227] Bismarck, ND-86.00$173
2008TPD-USJuly 04Tidioute, PATPD-US[08-224] Tidioute , PA--$0
2008TPD-USJuly 03Park Rapids, MNTPD-US[08-223] Park Rapids, MN-85.50$764
2008TPD-USJuly 01St. Paul, ORTPD-US[08-221] St. Paul, OR--$0
2008TPD-USJune 21Binford, NDTPD-US[08-554] Binford, ND--$0
2008TPD-USJune 13Richmond, VATPD-US[08-552] Richmond, VA887.50$1,631
2008TPD-USJune 06Mariposa, CATPD-US[08-551] Mariposa, CA--$0
2008TPD-USMay 17Palestine, TXTPD-US[08-319] Palestine, TX--$0
2008TPD-USMay 15Liberty, TXTPD-US[08-546] Liberty , TX--$0
2008TPD-USMay 02Indio, CATPD-US[08-545] Indio, CA--$0
2008TPD-USApril 19Maxwell, TXTPD-US[08-312] Maxwell, TX--$0
2008TPD-USApril 18Henrietta, TXTPD-US[08-542] Henrietta, TX--$0
2008TPD-USApril 12Yakima, WATPD-US[08-541] Yakima, WA--$0
2008TPD-USApril 10San Francisco, CATPD-US[08-539] San Francisco, CA877.00$392
2008TPD-USMarch 29Charlottesville, VATPD-US[08-538] Charlottesville, VA--$0
2008TPD-USMarch 14Hampton, VATPD-US[08-534] Hampton, VA-0.00$1,050
2008TPD-USMarch 14Poplar Bluff, MOTPD-US[08-536] Poplar Bluff, MO--$0
2008TPD-USMarch 08Enid, OKTPD-US[08-307] Enid, OK--$0
2008PBR-CAMarch 01Lethbridge, ABTPD-CA[08-208] PBR Extreme Bull Riding--$0
2008TPD-USFebruary 22Wilkes-Barre, PATPD-US[08-530] Wilkes Barre, PA-81.00$129
2006TPD-USOctober 20Kansas City, MOTPD-US[07-502] Kansas City, MO--$0
2006TPD-USAugust 19Puyallup, WATPD-USPuyallup, WA--$0
2006TPD-USFebruary 03Abilene, TXTPD-USAbilene, TX--$0
2006TPD-USDecember 09Lexington, VATPD-USLexington, VA--$0