Dayton Johnston

Dayton Johnston

# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Rank
# N/A2023 Unleash The Beast Points
HometownMilk River, AB
Weight145 lbs
  • RankN/A
  • Outs171
  • Streak-3
  • Points0
  • Rides40
  • Money Earned$35k
  • 90 Points Rides0
  • Ride %23
  • Event Wins2
2021PBR-CAAugust 21Stavely, ABTPD-CAGlen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding-0.00$0
2021PBR-CAAugust 05Magrath, ABTPD-CACelebration for the 2Bit Nation #6 #nfp Tour-0.00$0
2020PBR-CANovember 07Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAGrande Prairie, AB Event 3-0.00$0
2020PBR-CANovember 07Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAChampionship Round430.00$445
2020PBR-CANovember 06Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAGrande Prairie, AB Event 2-0.00$0
2020PBR-CANovember 05Grande Prairie, ABCUP-CAGrande Prairie, AB Event 1519.83$322
2020PBR-CASeptember 26Ponoka, ABTPD-CALockdown Bull Bash55.00$274
2020PBR-CAJuly 23Lethbridge, ABCUP-CALethbridge Monster Energy Tour Event 1 -0.00$0
2020PBR-CAJuly 23Lethbridge, ABCUP-CALethbridge Monster Energy Tour Event 2-0.00$0
2020PBR-CAMarch 06Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour- Lethbridge, AB812.00$578
2020PBR-CAJanuary 24Calgary, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour- Calgary, AB813.50$545
2019PBR-CANovember 22Saskatoon, SKFinals-CAMonster Energy Tour - Saskatoon, SK175.00$0
2019PBR-CAOctober 05Grande Prairie, ABTPD-CAGrande Prairie BuckWild PBR-0.00$0
2019PBR-CASeptember 05Magrath, ABTPD-CAMagrath, AB-TPD, Canada665.00$468
2019PBR-CAAugust 31Stavely, ABTPD-CAStavely, AB Glen Keeley Memorial-0.00$0
2019TPD-USAugust 24Eureka, MTTPD-USThe Bull Thing PBR TPD-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAAugust 21Coronation, ABTPD-CACoronation, AB-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJuly 12Lloydminster, SKTPD-CALloydminster, SK CTP-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJuly 10Kinsella, ABTPD-CAKinsella, AB-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJuly 05Edgerton, ABTPD-CAEdgerton, AB TPD-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJuly 04Calgary, ABCUP-CARanchman's3118.33$1,654
2019PBR-CAJuly 02Calgary, ABCUP-CARanchmans TPD-Canada1615.00$0
2019PBR-CAJuly 01Cluny, ABTPD-CACluny AB-TPD-Canada-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJune 22Medicine Hat, ABTPD-CAMedicine Hat AB TPD-Canada-0.00$0
2019TPD-USJune 21Sheridan, WYTPD-USForever West PBR-0.00$0
2019TPD-USJune 20Williston, NDTPD-USWilliston PBR Presented by Marquis Metal Works-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAJune 15Falher, ABTPD-CAFalher, AB TPD2195.00$2,566
2019PBR-CAJune 08Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CATPD Moose Jaw-0.00$0
2019TPD-USJune 01Great Falls, MTTPD-USDusty Gliko Bull Riding Challenge230.00$3,036
2019PBR-CAMay 30Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert SK TPD-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMay 11London, ONCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - London, ON -0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMay 10Nipawin, SKTPD-CANipawin, SK TPD-CA90.00$0
2019PBR-CAApril 27Brooks, ABTPD-CABrooks Black Gold Bullarama3125.00$1,135
2019PBR-CAApril 06Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne, AB-0.00$0
2019PWVTMarch 30Casper, WYVelocityCASPER CLASSIC120.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 22Calgary, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Calgary, AB -0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 09Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeepee Creek TPD-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 01Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Lethbridge, AB-0.00$0
2019PBR-CAMarch 01Lethbridge, ABCUP-CAMonster Energy Tour - Lethbridge, AB865.00$826
2019PBR-CAJanuary 26Winnipeg, MBCUP-CAWinnipeg, MB Canadian Cup566.25$925
2019PWVTJanuary 19Portland, ORVelocityPORTLAND CLASSIC-0.00$0
2019PWVTJanuary 11Reno, NVVelocityRENO INVITATIONAL170.00$0
2019PWVTJanuary 05Oakland, CAVelocityOAKLAND CLASSIC-0.00$0
2018PBR-CANovember 23Saskatoon, SK FinalsFinals-CASaskatoon SK National Finals1840.00$0
2019TPD-USNovember 16New Town, NDTPD-US4 Bears Casino & Lodge Championship Bull Riding-0.00$0
2018PBR-CANovember 09Yorkton, SKTPD-CAYorkton, SK TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CANovember 09Yorkton, SKTPD-CAYorkton, SK TPD1275.00$4,172
2018RVTOctober 26Colorado Springs, COVelocityColorado Springs, CO PBR Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAOctober 20Edmonton, ABCUP-CAMEC Edmonton, AB-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAOctober 13Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAMEC Abbotsford BC-0.00$0
2018PBR-CASeptember 06Magrath, ABTPD-CAMagrath AB TPD2195.00$2,525
2018PBR-CASeptember 01Stavely, ABTPD-CAStavely AB Glen Keeley-0.00$0
2018TPD-USAugust 25Eureka, MTTPD-USBull Thing Eureka, MT PBR-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAAugust 15Coronation, ABTPD-CACoronation, AB-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAAugust 11Elnora, ABTPD-CAElnora TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAAugust 10Whitecourt, ABTPD-CAWhitecourt, AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAAugust 05Frog Lake, ABTPD-CAFrog Lake, AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 25North Battleford, SKTPD-CANorth Battleford, SK TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 20Czar, ABTPD-CACzar, AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 13Lloydminster, SKTPD-CALloydminster, SK CTP-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 11Kinsella, ABTPD-CAKinsella, AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 07Kelowna, BCCUP-CAKelowna Monster Cup-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 06Edgerton, ABTPD-CAEdgerton TPD2165.00$2,060
2018PBR-CAJuly 05Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary, AB Ranchman Day 3-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 04Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary AB Ranchman Day 2-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 03Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary, AB Ranchman Day 1-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJuly 02Cluny, ABTPD-CACluny AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJune 16Falher, ABTPD-CAFalher, AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJune 09Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CAMoose Jaw, SK TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAJune 09Moose Jaw, SKTPD-CAMoose Jaw, SK TPD3125.00$1,249
2018PBR-CAJune 02Moncton, NBCUP-CAMoncton Monster CUP-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMay 26Halifax, NSCUP-CAHalifax Monster CUP-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMay 19Quebec City, QCIRON-CA2018 Quebec City – Monster Energy Tour-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMay 12Ottawa, ONCUP-CAOttawa Monster Energy CUP3175.00$1,964
2018PBR-CAMay 04Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMay 04Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK3125.00$1,819
2018TPD-USApril 28Prescott Valley, AZTPD-USPrescott Valley, AZ-0.00$0
2018TPD-USApril 26Clovis, CATPD-USClovis Rodeo PBR Touring Pro-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAApril 07Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne TPD3135.00$1,341
2018PBR-CAMarch 24Calgary, ABCUP-CAMonster Cup - Calgary, AB-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMarch 10Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeePee Creek AB TPD-0.00$0
2018PBR-CAMarch 02Lethbridge, ABTPD-CALethbridge AB TPD745.00$364
2018PBR-CAMarch 02Lethbridge, ABTPD-CALethbridge AB TPD140.00$0
2018RVTFebruary 09Youngstown, OHVelocityYoungstown, OH Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2018RVTFebruary 03Grand Rapids, MIVelocityGrand Rapids, MI Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2018RVTJanuary 13Portland, ORVelocityPortland, OR Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2018RVTJanuary 08Denver, COVelocityNATIONAL WESTERN STOCK SHOW-0.00$0
2018RVTJanuary 06Oakland, CAVelocityOakland, CA Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour80.00$140
2018TPD-USJanuary 05Fort Worth, TXTPD-USFt. Worth, TX PBR Cowtown Classic-0.00$0
2018GCUPNovember 10Edmonton, ABGCUPGlobal Cup Edmonton-0.00$3,541
2018GCUPNovember 09Edmonton, ABGCUP-QualGlobal Cup Qualifier Edmonton-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAOctober 20Saskatoon, SK FinalsCUP-CASaskatoon FINALS-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAOctober 14Abbotsford, BCCUP-CAAbbotsford CUP event-0.00$0
2017PBR-CASeptember 21Magrath, ABTPD-CAMagrath, AB747.50$235
2017PBR-CASeptember 02Stavely, ABTPD-CAStavely AB-0.00$0
2017RVTAugust 26Eureka, MTVelocityEureka, MT Sanctioned Velocity Tour-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAAugust 12Elnora, ABTPD-CAElnora, AB815.00$131
2017TPD-USAugust 05Livingston, MTTPD-USLivingston, MT Classis Touring Pro Division-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJuly 22Manor, SKTPD-CAManor, SK-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJuly 06Calgary, ABTPD-CARanchman Event 2-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJuly 04Calgary, ABTPD-CACalgary Ranchman Event 1100.00$0
2017PBR-CAJuly 02Cluny, ABTPD-CACluny AB CTP-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJune 23Ponoka, ABTPD-CAPonoka PBR-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAJune 14Calgary, ABTPD-CAGlobal Petroleum Show PBR -0.00$0
2017TPD-USJune 03Great Falls, MTTPD-USDusty Gliko Bull Riding Challenge PBR TPD-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 27Swift Current, SKTPD-CASwift Current SK-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 05Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMay 05Prince Albert, SKTPD-CAPrince Albert, SK100.00$0
2017RVTApril 15Yakima, WAVelocityYakima, WA Classic -0.00$0
2017PBR-CAApril 08Marwayne, ABTPD-CAMarwayne AB-0.00$0
2017PBR-CAMarch 11Teepee Creek, ABTPD-CATeepee Creek, AB1275.00$2,544
2017PBR-CAMarch 03Lethbridge, ABTPD-CAPBR Challenge at Lethbridge-0.00$0