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The Morning Line - Sacramento: Round 3
The Morning Line - Sacramento: Round 3

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Sacramento Invitational concludes on Sunday and fans can watch all the action on CBS Sports Network at 8 p.m. ET and RidePass at 4:45 p.m. ET.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 453 Rake It Up:
Vieira is firmly in the driver’s seat for the event win. He’s the only guy who has ridden both of his bulls. He will not be able to take Round 3 off, though. Rake It Up is a better bull than either of the two Vieira faced to get here. He threw Ryan Dirteater off last night, and hasn’t given up a qualified ride in four career outs. He did go stay hooked to the left last night, and that is Vieira’s strong suit.

Claudio Montanha on E5 Big Black Cat:
This is a good draw for any rider, and Montanha should do well here. This bull normally goes to the left, or he can go both ways, but right-handed riders have had more success on him over the years.

Silvano Alves on B719 Golden:
Golden threw Marco Eguchi off in Round 1 here, but this is a rideable bull. Given this bull’s record, there’s no way he should throw Alves off, but Alves has become one of the hardest riders to read. What you saw last night is his true nature. He’s one of the most talented riders ever to compete in the sport, but the knock on him is that he’s underachieved for the majority of his career, seemingly by choice. This leaves veteran riders perplexed when they see it happening.

Jess Lockwood on 83A Wild Goose:
Lockwood bucked off this bull early last season, but don’t look for a repeat of that today. Wild Goose is a good fit for him. Although Lockwood has bucked off a time or two, he’s been the least fragile rider this year. When bulls have forced him out of position, he’s been able to fight back. We saw this last night in his ride on Little Red Corvette.

Cannon Cravens on 1 Kimosabe:
We don’t know much about this bull, but Jess Lockwood’s brother Jake was 88.5 points on him just a few weeks ago in Oakland, CA. This is a smaller, white bull who will probably go away from Cravens’ hand. He doesn’t have a lot of power, but he’s fast.

Lonnie West on 20/A Big Slick:
West has one score on the board here, and this is a bull he’s ridden before. Big Slick has some squirrely moves, and he isn’t easy to ride, but West was 85.5 points on him in Billings, Montana, last season.

Keyshawn Whitehorse on 411 Bad Brad:
This is one of the more impressive bulls we’ve seen here through the first two rounds. He booger-flicked Cody Nance across the arena last night in one of the more bizarre and spectacular buckoffs we are likely to see in 2019. Look for Bad Brad to get it on to the right as soon as the gate opens. Right-handed Whitehorse may have better shot at getting him started than Nance did.

Lucas Divino on 94Z High Razor:
We saw High Razor buck Cody Jesus off last night, but he’s really a better fit for a right-handed rider. Divino is scoreless in Sacramento (future movie title?) so far, but this kid has some talent, and he may step up and turn in a big score here.

Ryan Dirteater on B87 Wicked Hou:
Wicked Hou has been ridden in two of his last three outs. He got the best of Stetson Lawrence here Friday night, but he gave up rides to Dakota Buttar in Glendale, Arizona, and Matt Triplett in New York – both for over 88 points. There’s a good chance this bull will go to the right, but Dirteater may be more consistent on bulls that go away from his hand.

Chase Outlaw on 56Z Lifting Lives:
Look for Outlaw to get another big score here. Cody Jesus was 88 on this bull in round one. Lifting Lives can be indecisive and can spin either way, but he will be out of a left-hand delivery today and should spin to the left. That will suit Outlaw just fine.

Luciano de Castro on 09C Firewater:
We’ve seen enough of Castro to know what kind of bull he likes, and this one is it. Fire Water has been ridden just once in six career outs, but last night he threw Divino by going all out to the left. Most of Castro’s best rides have come against similar bulls.  

Stetson Lawrence on W402 Jasper:
Jasper threw Paulo Lima off last night, and he looked good doing it. This is an intense bull who bucks with a lot of energy, and he likes to spin to the left. He won’t be a day off, but Lawrence should be able to handle him, and this could be a high scoring matchup.

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