'I want to be a World Champion’

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  • Jory has only been riding bulls for five or six years.
  • He now sits in the Top 10.
  • "I want that gold buckle with my name on it."

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I have only been riding bulls for about five or six years now. I was kind of a country boy growing up and there was a kid on my bus that rode bulls and he always came in on crutches or with his arm broken or something like that. It looked like it would be a pretty good adrenaline rush, so I went and tried it and have been doing so ever since.

It feels great to be in the Top 10 right now after finishing 32nd last year. I have been chasing my dream and I am finally living what I have been trying to chase. I am going to keep working to stay in the Top 10. The hard work definitely pays off though. It is rewarding every day waking up and knowing that the effort I have put out in a few years has been worth it.

The Built Ford Tough Series is a lot different than the Touring Pro Division - everything from the crowd, the set-up and the energy that is there. The different guys that show up to help make the event, that's part of why I love the Built Ford Tough Series. We get to watch Flint do all of his funny jokes and dance and what not.

I am in favor of the new point system that is now in place. I think it's going to make whoever has the best riding success stand out. It is exciting to a point where I think if a guy goes one weekend without riding one bull, he's going to lose 10 or 12 points with everybody else riding so well this year. It is making it really exciting, because you definitely have to stay on top of your game.

I want to be a World Champion. That is my goal this year. I started out just wanting to be in the Top 5. That was my New Year's resolution. Within the first month of our new year, I am just about there, so I have to change my New Year's resolution. And that it exactly why I have been waking up every day this year. I want that gold buckle with my name on it.

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